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Latest Announcements Latest news and information about our site.

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February 15th, 2011

TBP ties for 2011 “Adult Portal/Review Site of the Year”

The winners of the 2011 XBIZ Awards were announced last week in Los Angeles at gala ceremony at the Hollywood Palladium. The XBIZ Awards are unique in that they celebrate all aspects of the adult industry, Movies & Production, Web & Technology, Retail and Novelties. is happy to share the spot light with our friends over at in this prestigious category. Vegas Ken, V.P. of Marketing for TBP was on hand to accept the award on behalf of TBP.

To see the entire list of winners, please check out the XBIZ Press Release here: XBIZ 2011 Award Winners

February 10th, 2011

New Site Fact Category - Join Page Screen Captures!

In an ever continuing process to provide the most current and relevant information for our users, we have just launched a new site fact called “Screen Captures”.

One of the most common emails we receive from users is regarding issues that happen during the join process. Every site seems to have slightly different join pages which can make the join process confusing at times. Also, we have all heard the stories about consumers getting stuck with extra charges resulting from hidden or poorly disclosed cross sales or different pricing depending on where you are in the world. This just drives us nuts here at TBP, so we figured, let’s do something about it. Here is the scoop…

We are now taking screen captures (which are essentially pictures of the web pages) of the join pages for all the sites we list. Because the join process can be very different depending on where in the world you live, we are taking screen captures for both USA and European websites. The great thing about this is that you will now see what we saw when we joined the site. This should not only validate the pricing but also point out any potential concerns to be aware of. 

You can find links to the screen captures at the bottom of the “Cost & Billing” portion of the site facts. Here is one that is completed that you can check out: Mofos Network

You can view both the USA and European join pages together by clicking on the Screen Caps link on the far left. 

If you want to just look at one geographical location by itself you can click on the USA Join Pages or Euro Join Pages links separately. 

When you are on the new screen cap page for each site you can see the full detail by either clicking or hovering over the thumbnails. We think it is pretty slick. You can see an example here: Mofos Network Screen Captures .

We have started with the highest ranking sites first and are rolling it out to all the sites as we go forward. It might take some time, but we hope to have this feature for all the sites we list as soon as we can. Hopefully this will allow our users to have a more transparent purchasing experience as well as avoiding getting burned by any “unusual” billing practices.

This is the first of several new features in our development pipeline, so look for more new and exciting announcements soon!

As always, Thanks for using our sites!!!

December 9th, 2009

Ever wanted to know What's Hot?

Introducing a cool new section which you've probably noticed already featured at the top of our homepage, What's Hot!

Also see the latest hot sites from our homepage.

This is a great new addition for regular users of our web-site who simply want to know the latest and greatest sites available. We'll feature about 5-10 sites per week depending on how many sites qualify for that give week.

Read our criteria on how we select sites and submit sites you think would qualify as a hot site.

We hope you find it useful!

October 14th, 2009

Some Minor Updates

The significant changes:

1. FAQ's Updated
Besides the updated design, all questions and answers have been updated. Some new questions have also been added.

2. Glossary Updated
This was long overdue. The glossary has been completely updated with the latest terms used and most definitions updated to today's standards.

Other updates:

1. The Guides & Tips section has been discontinued. We haven't had a new article added in years and nearly all the articles written prior are out of date. Most information should be covered in our FAQ's. Also refer to our User Forum if you're looking for other helpful info.

2. The Privacy Policy has been updated.

3. This Announcements section has been given a facelift.

4. Direct link to the Site Discounts section has been added to the main menu (left column).

5. Direct link to the Site News section of has been added to the main menu.

October 7th, 2009

Now featuring certification icon! is now labeling sites that have been certified via the independent website security site, A site must pass a thorough billing verification process in order to be certified.

If you see a site with this certification, you should feel more comfortable signing up. The organization is still very new so you won't find too many sites yet with the certification. Please keep in mind also this organization does charge a fee to web-sites to be certified, so not all sites will opt-in to this program.

As an example, here's a WebSiteSecure certified site:

You can click the certificate ID # to view the tested criteria and its results.

Please keep in mind also, this organization does check for pre-checked cross-sales but will still certify the site (assuming the site meets all other criteria) as long as it's clearly advertised in an honest way on the join form. They will point out the pre-checked cross sale on the certificate.

With that said, they will be verifying that when a user does uncheck a cross-sale, that you will indeed not be signed up to the additional offer. Honest billing, honest presentation, that's the goal here.

We're proud to be working with WebSiteSecure to help clean-up billing fraud. This is a good step in the right direction for consumers!

August 18th, 2009 debuts it's new review format (v2.0)!

See the new reviews at our homepage.

We're proud to announce a new kind of review at, we simply call it version 2.0! These are complete very detailed reviews by one of our expert reviewers (each going on 6 years with us).

Read more about review 2.0:

-No more wimpy express reviews, no more patchy follow-up reviews. When a review needs an update, a different editor will write a fresh brand new one!

-More pros/cons, new site grades, new site details list (like an extension of our site facts). Only the details you need, no fluff!!

-More reviews released per year than ever! Top sites (85 and above) will be re-reviewed at least once per year.

-Nominate sites you want to see reviewed. The more nominations the site gets, the better chances it'll get reviewed sooner.

-Old reviews will stay in our system until the new review format replaces them.

It'll take some time for the new reviews to make the big impact, but the process is in motion! We hope you enjoy the changes we've made.

March 31st, 2008 Launches New Forum!

We're very happy to announce that we've just opened the general message forum as the latest addition to!! It is the feature that we've had the most requests for since we opened PornUsers.

The new forum should be an excellent way users can get to know each other better and share information about their porn hobby. It'll also provide a place where those who purchase memberships to pay sites can exchange views with site owners and webmasters about trends in the industry. We feel such exchanges will be a benefit of both sides.

We think the users are going to love the new forum. It's been custom built from the ground up with an eye towards it maintaining the standard of excellence that users of TheBestPorn and PornUsers have come to expect. We're confident that it'll prove a valuable addition to the experience.

The forum is integrated with your existing user/webmaster accounts, so no extra registration is required! However, there are new forum preferences and options. You can now upload your own personalized Avatar (shown on the forum and your profile) and also change your new forum preferences.

So don't delay, checkout the brand new User Forum!!

We'll see you there.

January 9th, 2008

Watch for new FULL TRIALS!!

We recently upgraded some of our admin systems to make it easier for us to track and signup to site trials. We also re-assigned this workload to someone new, so trial status information (whether full access or limited access) will be consistently checked now more often.

If you ever stumble upon a trial that we've improperly labeled, please contact us and we'll update it right away.

December 18th, 2007

New Advanced Search

For you ultra-fans, you're going to love our new Advanced Search section!!

There has been a lot of changes and additions. The most important thing is it's up to date and simplified. All the latest site facts have been implemented here and give you the ability to break down our database of sites by a combination of almost any site feature. Not only that, we made sure the results are ultra FAST!!!

We hope you enjoy the new Advanced Search!

November 27th, 2007

TBP Sponsors Howard Stern!

Any [winlink=]Howard Stern[/winlink] fans out there? If you are, you may have heard our radio spot on Sirius Satellite Radio!

This is our first major media ad campaign outside the net. Our ads have been running for weeks now and our major sponsorship concludes with our sponsorship of a huge contest on Howard called Hottest Chick Smallest Tits.

November 20th, 2007

New Home Page Released

We're proud to announce a brand new homepage here at TBP! It's a fairly significant change, even though the same basic elements are the same.

Here's a summary of the changes to our homepage:

1. The NEW SITES section now features "Today's" new reviews which include site details and the respective logo. Quick links exist now to view the top sites in the "Last 7 Days" and "Last 30 Days". There are also quick links to view "All New Reviews" and "Upcoming Reviews".

2. The NEW LISTINGS section now features logos for each site!

3. The TOP PORN SITES section is now simplified. BY default, only the top 10 pay-sites are displayed (with added details), but features convenient links to view top sites of all site types.

4. The NEW DISCOUNTS section contains the newest 5 discounts. The "Deal of the Day" was removed.

5. The NEW TRIALS section is new and features the latest 5 verified trials.

6. The latest GUIDES & TIPS section was removed since we haven't been focusing on new articles in the last year.

7. The TOP USER RATED section is new and features the top 5 sites rated by users at Porn Users.

We hope you guys enjoy the new changes to our homepage. Change can be tough, but we hope most of you (and hopefully all) find these changes useful!

October 26th, 2007

Checkout Our New Search

Our easy site search is one of the most popular areas of our site. We put a lot of effort into improving the search results and have upgraded a lot of it's functions and interface.

Visit our NEW Search Engine!

Others sections that have been updated recently:

New Porn Sites
This section now showcases the newest listed sites and newest released sites. Extended links take you to full listings with more options.

New Reviews
This is another popular section that has been updated. We now showcase our newest reviews and top recent reviews.

Porn Niches
A simplified list of niches and site types now all on a single click away on the main menu. The list now features many stats which can be re-sorted. You can also find a niche via keyword which is brand new.

Special Interests
These sections are all revamped and simplified using our new "Browse Sites" interface. You'll find various starting points in each and links to view more.

Look for more updates in the near future, including a fresh new homepage!!

September 19th, 2007

New Browse Pages Live

We decided to release some new sections that adds a lot of new functionality to our user interface. This update concludes part 1 of a site-wide update to

Here's what's new:

Browse Sites
This section replaces our former Advanced Browse section. This new interface adds a lot of new filters that should help users narrow sites by almost every significant content or site feature. You'll notice other sections will end up linking to this area to keep things simplified. The site results offer a LOT more information than before (price info, easier sorting, pornusers rating, etc).

Niche Pages (example: Individual Models)
Each niche or site type page now features several popular site rankings rather than a simple ranking by score. Quick links are available to view more below each sub-section. Click the example niche above or view all porn niches to browse the new pages.

Top Porn Sites
Like the niche pages, the Top Sites page has been updated to give you a few popular site rankings versus a simple rank by score. Each sub-section links to view all sites within.

What's To Come:

Over the next few weeks we'll be re-working the other reamining sections to copy the new site listing format found in the new sections above. We'll also prepare a brand new homepage and eventually an updated look for each site profile/review page. It'll be sweet!

August 21st, 2007

Good News for RSS Feed Readers

Today we've added 500 unique xml feeds to!

On every main page of our site in the bottom left column, you'll find 5 unique .xml feed links. When browsing a specific niche (Example: Hardcore) or site type (Example: Pay Sites), you'll see feeds comprised of sites in the respective category. With 94 niches and 5 site types, the total number of unique xml feeds is 500!

Here are some quick links to our most basic feeds:

1. New Porn Reviews
2. New Porn Listings
3. New Porn Discounts
4. New Reviews 85+
5. New Reviews 75+

Note: You may need to copy these links to your favorite feed reader (like Google Reader).

If you've never used an RSS reader, these links will probably be useless. However, nearly every major news/blog site now offer RSS feeds to conveniently get site updates all in one convenient location. Consider using an RSS reader (most modern browsers include one) if this is something that would make your life on the web easier.

For fans of, look for RSS feeds very soon! We'll include a separate announcement there when those go live.

August 15th, 2007

TBP Updates Scores & Criteria

What's been a work in progress all summer, TBP is proud to release new scores for ALL reviews based on our new scoring criteria also released today.

The biggest change was price being removed from our scoring breakdown. Cost of a site will no longer factor into a site's overall score. There was several reasons for this, such as price being very subjective based on a user's preferences and various pricing options (trials, monthly cost, video on demand, etc). So from now on, you can judge for yourself how important price is to you. The score will be based on the site's performance!

Other scoring changes and additions were made. See below for a complete list of all changes to our scoring criteria:

1. Price/Value has been completely removed.
2. Maximum Quality score increases from 10 to 20 points.
3. New sub-score: Originality of 5 points
4. New sub-score: Hard Facts of 5 points

The detailed definitions of the new scoring structure can be found here:

We're confident these changes will improve our overall site rankings. We hope you agree!!

August 6th, 2007

New VOD Niche Released

By popular demand, we're happy to release the new VOD Niche to our users. The niche currently has 39 unique VOD sites listed, including the popular names you've come to know such as Hot Movies, AEBN, X On Demand, Adult Rental, Yappo, and many more!

The new VOD niche will contain only sites where you can buy a block of minutes (or bandwidth) and spend them as you wish over the site's entire inventory of videos. Keep in mind, we still have the Pay Per View site type where you can view any site based on the pay per content billing method.

June 15th, 2007

Come visit us at Erotica LA

Erotica LA is a 3-day show where porn fans can meet their favorite stars and see what's new in the world of porn! This'll be our first year having a booth at this show to represent both The Best Porn and Porn Users. Our main man Vegas Ken (our marketing rep) will be standing by to save lost porn souls and introducing them to the world of porn site reviews. If you're a fan of our site, be sure to stop by and say hi!!

Here's some details:

What: Erotica LA
Where: Los Angeles, California (LA Convention Center)
When: Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 24th
Booth #: 901

Stop by our booth to get your limited edition TBP and PornUsers swag!!!

As a bonus, we're proud to be featuring appearances from the following sexy adult stars:

-Kelly Madison (and co-star Ryan Madison)
-Lisa Sparxxx
-Jack Lawrence

They'll be at our booth to promote their own web-sites and sign autographs for the fans. Be sure to checkout their sites! We want to thank them for keeping Vegas Ken company. :)

May 25th, 2007

Non-Nude Sites Are Here

By popular demand, we've open the gates for adult-oriented teaser sites more commonly known as Non-Nude Sites!

These type of sites have gained popularity in the last few years and are aimed at the consumer who likes to be tortured with girls refusing to take their clothes off for the camera. Some of the more popular solo girls sites have emerged within this niche, such as Next Door Nikki, Kate's Playground, Ann Angel, etc.

We define these sites as adult-oriented solo girls sites where over 90% of the image galleries or videos are sexy teaser pics (no nudity) only. If yer lucky, you might get a quick flash or see-through shirt galleries.

Look for reviews in this niche to start going live within the next week!

April 3rd, 2007

Write User Reviews to Earn Cash

If you haven't checked out the exciting community at, now's the time! Today we launch an exciting new weekly contest called $200 Tuesdays giving users a chance to win cash by submitting pay-site reviews, comments, etc. If you already sign-up to porn sites, it's a perfect opportunity for you to submit your own input and possibly win cash while doing it!

For more information about our contest, go to $200 Tuesdays!

February 28th, 2007

New Listings are now live in Real-Time

This update is important to those who like to frequent our new listings. Listings are now displayed on our site the moment they are added to our database. Previously, sites would not go live for 2-3 days. The only downside is that sites may not have the screen cap (logo) uploaded yet. We figure the sooner the better though!

Due to this change, our homepage now features the latest 20 new listings versus the new listings released for that day.

Shown : 1-20 of 81
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