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Reality Kings


This popular network is filled with thousands of videos featuring some of the hottest pornstars in the biz getting off in various hardcore scenes, many with a reality twist. Find MILFs, teens, Black and Latina babes, and so much more. They don't call themselves the kings of reality for nothing!

Primary Niche: Reality Porn
Secondary Niches: Hardcore SexFlash Porn Deals

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Previous Reports (133)

Date Name Report Status
Anonymous 429 error saying I have accessed the website too many times. I only tried twice.

Staff Reply: Sorry, you got an error, but it appears to be working correctly now.
Anonymous I’ve noticed some of the older videos have returned. Some of my faves. Any chance for more classic comebacks?

Staff Reply: Over the years, they've managed to bring back more of their classics. So no guarantees, but it does seem like something they're working towards.
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Anonymous My favorite videos, which included dozens, are now limited to 10 videos. Though when I go to those favorites that don't appear on my favorites list, they're still marked as favorites. Don't get it. Reached out to customer support and they said they're working on it, but it's been weeks.

Staff Reply: For tech issues, please contact the site directly:
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Anonymous When I login, all the videos disappear and there is nothing to select. I have tried Chrome, Edge, Incognito in Chrome and deleting browsing and cookies in Chrome also....same problem. Is there a problem with the website?

Staff Reply: You are not alone. This issue appears to be affecting users across the board. They're trying to resolve it as fast as possible, but you can always reach out to their tech team directly for more info:
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Anonymous Is anyone else having issues with the videos not playing. I have tried multiple browsers and still no joy. About to cancel and move on. Sad because it was a good site but if you can't watch the videos whats the point

Staff Reply: The problem is not unheard of, and people sometimes have issues playing videos if they're connecting over a VPN. It would be best to contact Reality King's support directly:
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Anonymous Where the hell are the older videos?!? No more Nikki Lamotta We live together? No older MILF NEXT DOOR? I signed up and then all their stuff is gone. This is extremely disappointing.

Staff Reply: Unfortunately, as explained in our Major Con: Missing Videos From a Content Purge, older scenes were removed in 2020. I am sorry that the updates you liked best are gone. It does suck!
See Reply
Anonymous New 1080p video quality is poor in comparison to the past.
Video compression is way too high now.

Staff Reply: Unfortunately, sometimes basic video stats don't tell the whole story. Once again, we thank you for your feedback (as you've previously expressed the same concern with another site). Let's hope that they will improve in the future.
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Anonymous I get format not supported

Staff Reply: Some of the older videos on Reality Kings can only be downloaded but still display a player window on their pages. If you try to stream them, you may see a "format not supported" error. But their tech support team will be able to verify for you if that's the cause of the problem.
See Reply
Anonymous anytime i log in it changes from reality kings to brazzers premium

Staff Reply: Although The same company owns Reality Kings and Brazzers, it is unlikely that your login would direct you to a different site. They have a large banner ad for Brazzers on the Realty Kings' homepage, leading to confusion. I think if you check the URL in your browser's address bar, it will indicate you are still on Reality Kings.
See Reply
Anonymous Hello! The video thumbnail says the video should be in 1080p but I can only select 480 from the gear icon. Any help?

Staff Reply: Unfortunately, some of the oldest Reality Kings thumbs have 1080p banners when their videos are only 480p. Our reviewer mentioned this issue as a minor con. But I have now made it a major con for greater visibility.
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Ed I have three subscriptions through probiller - reality kings, mile high media and sexyhub.
There is no content available on any of them.

Staff Reply: Hello, I am sorry you're having issues. I am able to see content on all of those sites. Have you tried using another browser and clearing your cookies? Also if you happen to be using a VPN, try turning it off and trying again. If that doesn't work, please send an email to thanks and have a good day!
See Reply
Anonymous Bonjour. Il est impossible de lire les vidéos realitykings. Je vois qu'ils ont changé leur page de présentation. Sont-ils en maintenance ce qui pourrait expliquer le problème ? Cordialement

Staff Reply: Bonjour et merci d'avoir pris contact avec nous. Cela pourrait être lié à un problème de VPN, car nous avons eu des membres qui ont signalé ce problème dans le passé. Essayez de désactiver votre VPN si vous en utilisez un et essayez à nouveau d'accéder au site. Merci !
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Anonymous When is Julie Cash coming with another scene with Realitykings? Why she don’t show her mainstream like that anymore?

Staff Reply: Hello, we actually have no idea, but you can always contact the site and ask :) I found her Onlyfans page if you're interested Have a good day!
See Reply
Anonymous I sign in and there is zero content available. I could see content this morning, and now there is nothing.

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for getting in touch with us. I would suggest you turn off your VPN if you happen to be using one. It's possible that's the reason why content isn't showing up. If that's not the case, then please get in touch with us at and we will investigate further. Thank you and have a good day.
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Anonymous RK has removed more than 50% of the material produced over the decades. They have carefully selected the best quality videos, and those have been removed. It does not depends on the age. There are many old videos of poor quality than continue. Thebestporn must update the score. It is by no means 94, at most 85.

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for your feedback. We have been aware of the drop in content for some time now and do not anticipate that they will be reinstated. We will definitely take your comments under consideration once the review goes through for an update. Thank you and have a good day!
See Reply
Anonymous They are removing a large number of videos and not putting out quality content anymore, also they entire brazzers network is loosing quality.

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. Earlier this year, there was a drastic drop in the amount of content on Reality Kings. The scenes decreased by 7,492, which was more than 50% of the collection at the time. At this point, although we're a bit unsure of what prompted this drop, it's clear that most of the content is never coming back. So we know that it's disappointing for those of you who enjoyed the older stuff. I guess that maybe they decided to do some housecleaning. It's not all bad though, while those scenes may be gone, there's still so much to enjoy on the network. If we hear any more news about this, we'll be sure to update our review. At the moment, RK has There are 7,033 videos in Full HD and they continue to add a scene daily, sometimes two. So it's not all bad. The same applies to Brazzers, they continue to update and their library has over 7,000 videos in Full HD. A few months ago they also added their first trans scene which is a pretty big deal. So while agree that the drop is content is a bummer, there's still some good stuff going on with Brazzers & Reality Kings.
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Anonymous Is there any way I can buy raw unedited porn mainstream scene from reality kings? I want Julie cash crazed Stan uncut unedited cowgirl scene

Staff Reply: Hello, thanks for reaching out to us. I am really not sure, to be honest. You can get in contact with the site and maybe they can provide you with a way to get access to this. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Have a good day!
See Reply
Anonymous Somethings I just want to skip a few seconds to a good part, and now I don’t even have the option to skip so please fix it.

Staff Reply: Hello, just a friendly reminder that we don't work for Reality Kings so there's nothing for us to fix. We only review websites, we have no control over any technical aspects of a site. I suggest you report this to RK's customer service. Thanks.
See Reply
Anonymous I can't adjust the video quality for streaming , in trailer you got a little gear button that you use to change the quality but it is not there for the main video and I don't know why

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for getting in touch with us. Are you by any chance signed up for the Trial membership? It's a limited membership so it's possible that you aren't able to adjust the streaming in this case. Otherwise, have you tried clearing your browser and trying again? Also, when I logged in I noticed that the gear button is super small and very faded in a blue font so it's not easy to see. If you're still having issues, please send me an email at thank you!
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Anonymous the content on inthevip has been deleted over the 5 months, they used have 295 videos now only has 25. As a paying member I have contacted the webmaster and never heard back. This is a ripoff. Not subscribing to them again once my membership expires.

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for your comment. RealityKings did remove a huge chunk of their videos, which included a lot of the older content. We're not sure why this happened or if they will be put back. We understand that this is frustrating to our readers and we will be sure to update our reviews once we know more. Thanks and have a good day.
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Kazuya54 I signed up to watch some classic videos. Mostly of Busty Ana or just Ana who had a scene in 2005 only to find that she's not even on the site anymore. What? Where did all the old videos go?

Staff Reply: Hello, Reality Kings has removed dozens of videos over the last few months for reasons that remain a mystery even to us. We have no idea if they will be put back. Once we know we'll be sure to update our review. Thanks.
See Reply
Porter43 Hey, I have been a fan of Reality Kings on and off for many years. I came back recently and to my dismay saw that a ton of scenes are gone as are the ones of pornstars I really like. Nicole Aniston, August Ames and Celeste Star to name a few. I’m having a hard time understanding why. Also looks like a lot of scenes from their sites have been cut back dramatically. Any idea why? Just doesn’t make much sense to me.

Staff Reply: Hi Porter43, thank you for your question :)
Yea, this happened over the last year when we noticed that their collection has drastically decreased. We have no idea why this happened or if they're even coming back. I did hear something from a user that he noticed an old scene get put back, so maybe they're remastering the older flicks. There's no way of knowing for sure though unfortunately. It's not all bad though, while those scenes may be gone, there's still so much to enjoy on the network. If we hear any more news about this, we'll be sure to update our review. Let me know if you have any questions :)
See Reply
Anonymous i just paid for reality kings and there is no content. i refresh page and there is still no content.

Staff Reply: Hello, I am sorry you're having issues. I was able to log in to the site and view the member's area without any issue, so perhaps you visited the site at a time that it was undergoing maintenance. Have you tried accessing the site again since you wrote to us? Maybe try using another browser like Mozilla, Edge, or even Chrome Incognito. If that doesn't work, please send me an email at with your subscription ID and I will look into it for you. Thank you and have a great day :-)
See Reply
puppey I'm so devasted by the fact they deleted 75% of theirs videos. I recently take a full membership and I saw only 6,756 videos on collection but before they had more than 14,573 videos...Specially RoundAndBrown series missing and pleny of others videos on others series. I had contacted their support in December 2020 and they told me that the site was under maintenance...These fucking liars ! RK was my favorite porn website but now this site sucks as fuck bro !!

Staff Reply: Hi Puppey,
Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it's a bummer that they removed a bunch of content, and while we don't know for sure if they will ever add it back, I like to think that maybe they are remastering the old stuff to higher quality and hopefully all those videos will come back. And considering you're still getting access to a massive library, there's still a lot to enjoy with a membership. Thanks and have a good day!
See Reply

Staff Reply: Hello. While I understand that it can be frustrating dealing with poor customer service, there is no need to be rude. I will be sure to pass along your feedback, regarding Probiller. If you ever need assistance with canceling or there's a technical issue, you're welcome to email us at
See Reply
Anonymous Your site fucking sucks. False advertising and you idiots cannot even have it functioning properly. Not even half of the videos you expect are available and everytime you play a video it fails to load. Pay attention to the comments below, RK is full of scammers who do not give a shit. Fuck these criminals, i want a fucking refund. You could not pay me to ever use this website again.

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for your feedback. We have received reports from our users about videos not playing and are currently looking into it. Since we only review and do not work for these sites directly, it's difficult for us to know the exact cause of any technical issues. On that note, I logged into RK and was able to stream the videos, even the ones from early 2000s. So were there specific ones you were unable to play? In order for us to find out more, could you please send an email to and include the names of the scenes that weren't working. Please also include the browser you're using and the device you're coming from. I also want to assure you that I have passed on your feedback regarding RK to my team. Thank you and have a nice day.
See Reply
Michaelayyyy1280 Unauthorized
We're sorry, the request requires user authentication

Staff Reply: Hello Michaelayyyy1280, try clearing your browser cookies or accessing the site through another web browser like Edge or Mozilla or by going into chrome incognito. Hope this helps!
See Reply
Anonymous I think a few scenes have returned as of 01/27/2021

Staff Reply: Hello, that's great news! Thank you for letting us know :)
See Reply
Anonymous Just a ton of content missing from numerous sites on Real Kings. Where did all the content go? Many sites had hundreds of videos, but now down to just 24 videos..... In the VIP and Captain Stabbin for example just to name a few. What is going on?

Staff Reply: Hi, we actually don't know what's going on, to be honest. We're aware of the decrease in content, but we have yet to learn about the exact reason and whether or not the content will be put back. I understand how this can suck, and hopefully we'll know more soon. Stay tuned!
See Reply
Anonymous The response I got from customer service was that it is all up to the models if they do not want to keep old videos up, they can have them take them down. Yeah Sure.

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for letting us know. Have a good day!
See Reply
Anonymous I can't even get videos to play. I click on a vid and it shows a still image with no controls to start, stop, etc. i was on chat with them and we went through the whole gamut of restart, clearing cookies. At this point maybe i just need to cancel and spend my money elsewhere.

Staff Reply: Hello, I am sorry that you're experiencing issues playing videos. Did you by any chance try accessing the site from another browser? Also, although they do support all the latest versions of majors web browsers, not all browsers offer the same benefits in speed and security, so for the best experience, they recommend Google Chrome and Firefox. They do not support AOL Web browser, Yahoo, or Microsoft IE 8 and earlier, so if you're on those, it could be why you're having trouble. I understand you already reached out to their live chat, but have you tried any of the steps recommended in their technical section under "choppy videos", it has instructions that could help you. I hope this helps, have a good weekend!
See Reply
Anonymous Has there been any updates on if/when the scenes will return? Some categories have been reduced down by 75-80%.

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we have not yet received any confirmation as to whether or not these scenes will be put back. It's a little bit out of our hands because we don't control the site's content, we just review it :) I understand that this has been frustrating for our readers, and I promise as soon as we know something we will update all our reviews and keep you all posted. Thank you and have a great day! :)
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Lots of missing scenes I just noticed that for specific there is a gap of 5 years missing (from 2011 to 2016 there is nothing). Lots of scenes, actors and movies dissapeared, guess I'm cancelling since it has reduced over 50%

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for your feedback. We're aware of the decrease in content and we're currently looking into what's going on. Once we have a clear answer, we will update our reviews accordingly. We understand that it's disappointing to readers, so we thank you for your patience while we figure this out. Have a good day.
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This site lures you in with low promos, but then you have to pay more for downloads. This is not the issue. Now reality kings only give the option to download if you pay for a year. You can try to email probiller CS, but they will give you a song and dance that you can't pay for downloads unless you have a yearly membership.

Staff Reply: Hello, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are currently investigating what's going on and I have passed on this info to my team. We will update our review once we have the correct info. Thank you for your patience and have a great day!
See Reply
Remy Hundreds of scenes have gone mssing from Reality Kings as pointed out below. there seems to be no pattern to this - all sites have just lost thousands of scenes. As pointed out below this has to be intentional. pLease let us know what the issue is as soon as you find out

Staff Reply: Hi Remy, thanks for getting in touch with us. We are already aware of scenes going missing on RK (and a few other sites) and are in the process of investigating what's going on. Once we know for sure, we will update our reviews accordingly. We understand this is frustrating for our readers, so please bear with us as we figure this out. Thank you again for letting us know and have a great day.
See Reply
Omi It keeps saying error when I try to play a video, it was working fine yesterday when I bought a subscription.

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. Have you tried clearing your cookies and accessing the site again? Your issue could also be related to what RK is currently going through. We're in the process of figuring out what's up, so please bear with us. Thank you!
See Reply
Jones Hundreds of videos missing from Reality Kings, with no explanation. No response from Reality Kings probiller technical staff either.

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for getting in touch with us. We are already aware of the hundreds of videos gone missing and we're in the process of looking into what happened and whether or not they will be put back. Please bear with us as we look into this further and once we're clear on the issue, we will update our reviews. Thank you and have a good day.
See Reply
Joe Videos from years 2012, 2013, and 2014 are all missing. This includes all the early scenes from major current performers such as A.J. Applegate and Kelsi Monroe, as well as some of the best from many others. In the other replies to similar comments, what do you mean by "update our reviews"? Will the content return?

Staff Reply: Hi Joe,
We're currently looking into what's going on, but we aren't clear on whether all this content is going to be coming back or not. Once we know for sure what happened, why this happened, and whether or not this content will be reinstated will be updated in our review once we get the full story. We're on the case, so please bear with us. Thank you.
See Reply
Anonymous They've for whatever reason removed 2/3rds of their entire catalog. InTheVip had 295 updates now there are only 25. That was really the only site I signed up for, and I paid to get the download pass too. Wish I hadn't though. Stay away from RealityKings

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for your comment. We have received many reports from users regarding RK's removal of a ton of their content. We fully intend on investigating the situation and updating our reviews accordingly, but with the holidays coming up and our offices being closed, we won't get to it until next year. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and happy holidays!
See Reply
Patrick Only 6,071 videos as of 20 Dec 2020, review says 14,383. Brianna Ray from Milf Next Door had 153 videos, now only 34. Some very early ones still there, so it is not only old videos which are gone.

Staff Reply: Hello, we are already aware of this issue and are in the process of investigating what's going on. Once we know we will update our reviews. We understand this is frustrating for current members and we hope to shed light on the situation very soon. Thank you and happy holidays.
See Reply
Anonymous There are a ton of scenes that have gone missing in the past week on RealityKings. There are even a number of performers whose entire library content that have just vanished. Is this a maintenance issue? Or has reality kings just decided to delete hundreds of their videos?

Staff Reply: Hello, yes we have received several reports from our readers about this, and we are currently in the process of investigating what's going on. Once we know for sure what's up, we'll update our reviews accordingly. We understand how frustrating this is for paying members, so please bear with us. Thank you and happy holidays.
See Reply
Anonymous Seems like some old teens love huge cocks videos are gone for instance the official TLHC channel on PH has a video that the official website doesn't

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for bringing this up with us. We're already aware of this issue, as many users have reported videos being taken down. We are working on looking into this and updating our reviews accordingly. But with the holidays coming up, we won't be able to get to it until next year. Thanks again and happy holidays!
See Reply
Colosjoh I just purchased reality kings 5 year membership and can’t login using my Roku Reality Kings channel keeps saying error authenticating. This is BS! You guys need to fix this issue! This has nothing to do with Roku so don’t point to them.

Staff Reply: Hello Colosjoh, I am sorry you're having issues. We at The Best Porn only review the sites, we aren't responsible for things not functioning on their end, so there is nothing for us to fix, though we wish we could sometimes :-) My suggestion would be to get in touch with Reality King's customer service and report having an issue accessing the Roku channel. Based on what I do know, in order to access the channels on Roku, you need to enter a specific code in the channel search bc the adult stuff is hidden, have you tried this? You need this code in order to get the channel to appear. If you need further assistance, please send an email to and we can have someone walk you through the process. I hope this helps. Have a good day.
See Reply
Anonymous When I'm trying to sign up and watch a video on the Roku TV it is saying error authenticating and I want to be able to watch it on my television what do I do

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for reaching out to us and I am sorry you're having issues setting up your Roku device. Unfortunately, I am not very well-versed with Roku, but I did some digging and found their support page here: There are instructions on how to set this up and you can also contact Roku support for assistance if you need to. You can also read this article on how to stream Roku on your TV It's from our sister site, and should you still have questions please email and he can help walk you through the process :) Hope this helps and have a great day!
See Reply
Anonymous There are videos that were on the site earlier this week. I went back and the videos are gone. Is it a server issue or were they deleted off the website? I get an error with video content not found

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for reaching out to us. It's possible that the site was undergoing maintenance at the time, so perhaps there was a temporary glitch. You might want to try clearing your cookies from your internet history or accessing the site from another browser. Do you happen to remember which videos they were exactly? If you could please send me an email at with the names of the videos you say were there and now are gone, this would help me look into things :) Thank you very much and have a great day!
See Reply
Anonymous SCAM ALERT!!
Like many others in here, I also subscribed and was able to watch ZERO videos, not even the member section loads so I can't even watch the thumbnails.
I tried Chrome and Firefox, in regular and incognito mode, and I even tried it on my phone with my carrier connection. Still exactly the same result.
Also asked for a refund that was met with resounding silence.

Staff Reply: Hello, could you please send an email to so we can investigate this issue in further detail? Thank you.
See Reply
Anonymous If I keep getting this error code after I try to watch a video error 1000 then I want my money back

Staff Reply: Good Morning, I am sorry you're having issues. Have you tried clearing your cookies and trying to play a video after? You can also try another web browser like Mozilla or Edge or use chrome incognito. If this doesn't work, please send an email to - thanks.
See Reply
Anonymous I paid full price and see no way of downloading anything. $32 bucks to stream? Cancelled.

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for getting in touch with us. Do you mean you signed up for the $29.99 regular price plus the $15 upgrade for downloads and still weren't able to download? Please send an email to detailing your experience and I can look into the issue for you. Thanks and have a good day!
See Reply
Nelson I would like to report a problem why am I still getting charge when I canceled my membership and I demand a refund

Staff Reply: Hi Nelson and thank you for getting in touch with us. Please send an email to so we can look into this further. Thank you.
See Reply
Anonymous Error 1400 : NETWORK_ERROR

havent been able to watch anything and they are refusing a refund. avoid!

Staff Reply: Hello and thank you for getting in touch with us. Please send an email to so that I can help you with this issue. Please include any communication you had with support regarding obtaining your refund. Thank you.
See Reply
Anonymous We used to be able to search through the pages by changing the page number in the URL. Recently they made it so that it will not load the videos on the page when you try that. You actually need to click the link to the page with the buttons on the site. This means you can only move 2 pages at a time... It is like this now in every browser private mode or not. Similarly, if you try to open a video (or page of videos) in a new tab or window, the video (or thumbnails) will not load in that tab. Seriously?

Staff Reply: Hello. Yes, I can understand the pagination is a little tedious since you're stuck skipping head by only a few. I was able to play a video and browse thumbs by opening the link in a new tab and window. Have you tried using another web browser?
See Reply
Anonymous Loved this site, but now having an issue where thumbnails won't display.
Already tried clearing cache and cookies. Any advice? Hard to use otherwise.

Staff Reply: Hello, have you tried using another web browser like Mozilla or Edge or using Chrome in incognito mode? You might also want to check if your Java Script is up to date. Let me know if this works, thanks and have a great day!
See Reply
Anonymous today I signed up and paid one month with download membership. but my server is too bad so I tried download again from my download history. but suddenly site changed, and when I enter to history page, site demand me renew membership. even not passed 5 hours from signed up. why this situation happen?
I even can't watch any videos and can't download anything. :(

Staff Reply: Hello, thanks for reaching out to us and I am sorry you're experiencing issues. It looks like you could be "cookied" so all you would have to do is clear your browsing history (cache) through your internet settings and try accessing the site again. If after clearing your cookies, you're still experiencing the same problem, you'll have to get in touch with RK's support here: They're available by phone, email and live chat. If you signed up and paid for a recurring membership, then you should have received a confirmation email with the details of your purchase, including a membership or subscription ID, please use this when getting in touch with site support as it is considered proof of your purchase. I hope this helps and should you still require assistance, please write to us at and we can look into this further. Kind regards!
See Reply
Anonymous I recently signed up for RK but through using a 30 dollar gift card from Best Buy. I have 21 days with the site, no strings attached. However, there are videos that clearly say 1080p but when i go to stream them, only 480p is the highest resolution not 1080p. Is this because i signed up using a gift card and not a credit card? I thought you could stream any video that says 1080p but to download i know that cost more. Example Video: Katie Kox - Working a double.

Staff Reply: Hello, and thank you for getting in touch with us. I can understand your confusion regarding the downloads, and it has nothing to do with signing up with a gift card. It appears that many of RK's older scenes have a 1080p sticker on the thumbnails but aren't actually offered in that format. For example, the video you mentioned with Katie Kox was from back in 2009, that's why it's in 480p. I suggest you click the Feedback tab in the member's area, choose User Experience from the drop-down, and report the videos you see that have a Full HD icon but do not stream or download in that resolution. On our end, we will update the review accordingly, so thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. Have a great day!
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peace085 I am unable to complete payment for reality kings. Error saying link is not secure.

Staff Reply: Hi peace085, I am sorry you're having issues. Have you tried clearing your cookies or try joining from another browser? If this doesn't work please send an email to
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Anonymous I just subscribed to Reality Kings. One video in particular Gf revenge with Valerie Kay dosent play fully and seems to get cut off. Why is that?

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for getting in touch with us. I've investigated the issue by logging in to Reality Kings and located the GF Revenge Video with Valerie Kay, and I encountered the same problem. What I would suggest is get in touch with RK's support team by clicking the Feedback tab once you're on the streaming page, and report it as a bug/streaming issue. The buffering could also be due to internet connection and bandwidth, if you have a slow connection, it could cause streaming player to take a bit of time to buffer. Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great day!
See Reply
Anonymous I subscribed to Reality Kings to download my favorite videos from when I was a teenager with the best quality, but most of them are in sd 480p quality, when the video ad itself says 1080p, I must pay an additional amount or it cannot be done nothing, I give as an example this video ...

- Jennifer White - Deep in pink

I would greatly appreciate a prompt response thanks

Staff Reply: Hello, thank you for getting in touch with us. While you're able to stream movies in 1080p, to be able to download movies you'll have to pay an extra $15/month on top of a regular membership. Reality Kings has had this in place for a while now. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you and have a good day!
See Reply
Anonymous I upgraded my account but when a log in, it still shows as if I have only the trial access. I have been billed and received the confirmation email from the billing services.

Staff Reply: Hello, I am sorry you're having issues. Please send an email to and we can look into this further. Thank you.
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Anonymous I can’t get in to member section of the site. Haven’t been able to for about 3 days now. I receive the following error when trying to login.

400 Bad request

Your browser sent an invalid request.

Staff Reply: Try clearing your cookies and your cache and then restart your computer. If that doesn't work, get in touch with their customer support.
Can't Verify
Anonymous Says porn portal is unavailable, will take u to members area, and it doesn’t do that

Staff Reply: We're looking into the issue!
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Anonymous Bought a first month 9.99 standard membership, realizing that by denying the Premium upgrade, I don't get to download videos. My mistake. But, when going to the download tab, there is weirdly no link where I can upgrade the account. Just an ad telling me the benefits of upgrading. No link. Really confused. My only other option is to get a year long membership, which I do not want to do. Someone help!

Staff Reply: Send an email to and we'll look into it for you.
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Anonymous Will not let me go to the log in page. Just says "ERROR: No instance could match the fingerprint" and also gives me a 504 gateway timeout. Which means it is your servers.

Staff Reply: We're looking into the issue!
See Reply
Anon Same as that other user, keep getting Error 1400 : NETWORK_ERROR and videos will NOT play at all. Considering cancelling.

Staff Reply: We're looking into the issue!
See Reply
Anonymous Videos won’t load all says error unknown

Staff Reply: We're looking into the issue!
See Reply
Error 1400 : NETWORK_ERROR this error is showing on all videos of the network, I do not have a VPN, this only happens with wifi on with cellular data works fine

Staff Reply: We're not having any issues playing the videos on our end. Have you tried to contact the site?
Can't Verify
Anonymous I can't login to reality kings on my Roku says error authenticating

Staff Reply: Google how to watch porn on a Roku player. You should get some helpful info.
See Reply
Anonymous Please help. i have my membership and i cantlogin to my account and i really want to cancel the membership but when i trying to login its says my email or password incorret and its not. so i cant cancel someome know how to fix this?

Staff Reply: Send us an email at and we'll see what we can do to help.
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glen nothin innacurate

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comment!
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Anonymous I had upgraded my membership from trial to full access. I have the confirmation mail from their billing partner, but the interface is outputting as if I only have trial access and is prompting me to upgrade. My account was working fine yesterday. Meanwhile my account is already charged for the month and i have still don't have access.

Staff Reply: Hi! Please email us at regarding your issue and we'll look into it for you.
Can't Verify
Anonymous Hey its 3 time they do this to me! and all they want is to get you on the chat and make you buy something more from them! if you pay month to month they will try and get you on to a year or two. If you are on that they will try and push 5-10 years on you! just tell em no! oh my main account is on but guess its all the same!

Staff Reply: Sorry you're having problems! You may want to write a review on PornUsers to share your experience and see if others are having similar issues.
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Anonymous I purchased reality kings a while ago and it was supposed to be a permanent part of my pornportal package, but now i cannot access it.

Did they decide to not honor their deal with pornportal?

Staff Reply: Have you tried contacting their customer support? We don't know what your exact membership involved.
Can't Verify
Anonymous Your link to the site doesn't work. It links to a landing page at "" with a few embedded videos, but no links to go anywhere else from that page. If I manually go to, however, I can successfully enter their site. It looks like they intercepted and disabled your discount link by rerouting it to a nonfunctional landing page.

Staff Reply: Sorry you're having problems, but there are no issues on our end. The link is working fine and we're showing the discount. Try clearing your cookies, maybe?
Can't Verify
Anonymous Why my reality kings id is showing error 1400 ?

Staff Reply: We're not sure what you're referring to, but the link is working fine on our end. Try clearing your cookies or contact their customer support.
Can't Verify
Anonymous The discount option is a trap - it does not let you download. For downloading, you have to pay extra 14 bucks. Didn't expect this from a highly rated site. Very unfortunate.

Staff Reply: Hello. It's not a trap. Whether you join through our discount link or you pay full price on your own, the network no longer includes downloads with a standard membership. We also clearly state that downloads are extra in the review and site facts.
See Reply
Anonymous As mentioned below, it would be really nice to mention explicitly that downloads cost an additional fee. The "Download Limit" states there's no limit, way scrolling down you state there is in form of an additional payment.

Additionally their members area contains ads and trackers.

Staff Reply: In the site facts section, there is an all-cap box that says IMPORTANT and there we mention that downloads cost extra. Once you do pay for downloads, there is no limit, which is why we state that there is no download limit.
See Reply
Anonymous How do I use my unlock scenes I have 2

Staff Reply: We're not sure exactly how it works. It's best if you contact the site instead. Or you can also post this question on PornUsers and see if others have the answers you're looking for.
Can't Verify
Tim The Roku app seems to either be non-functional or an outright bait and switch. I've tried contacting customer service two different ways and they have absolutely ignored me two different ways. The content is phenomenal, but the operators seem to have little regard for their customers.

Staff Reply: Hi Tim! You're not the only one apparently who's been having issues with their Roku app. Sorry, but there's little we can do about this. Have you tried contacting Roku themselves?
Can't Verify
CHARLES JAMES I just signed up to RealityKings. Your description said no download limit. Not the case. To download video or zipfiles, the site tells me to pay another 20 bucks. WTF. Based on your review, I signed up. If your review said download at extra cost, I would have signed up elsewhere.

Staff Reply: Hi Charles James. We mention that downloads cost extra in two places: IMPORTANT in the Site Facts and as a CON in the review. In terms of a download limit, if you do opt to pay extra for downloads, there is no limit as to how much you can download.
See Reply
Anonymous I have my main account through realitykings, and after that i also bought mofos and brazzers through that realitykings account. The last couple days when i try to go to mofos like i have many times it gives me the login screen and says i dont have access. my access to realitykings and brazzers still works completely fine. Any idea on why i cant access mofos?

Staff Reply: Sorry, but you'll have to contact their customer support for those types of issues.
Can't Verify
Don Pamelo Allende About two years ago I acquired a membership for $ 29.99 and this included downloads and the videos were in a very good quality 1080 all that for the $ 29.99
Now they have crossed the line 29.99 by just accessing the site and apart 15 dollars to download videos in a very low quality 560 Mp I think a theft a total fraud a mockery a steal at all!

Staff Reply: Hi Don. Yes, they changed their membership plans and downloads are now extra. Why not write a review on PornUsers? Others most likely share your views.
See Reply
Anonymous I downloaded the reality King’s app on Roku but every time I try to login it gives me an error

Staff Reply: Sorry you're having issues, but you'll either have to contact Reality Kings directly or Roku, the manufacturer.
Can't Verify
Anonymous What a shame the site owners choose to be deceptive rather than straightforward. They got $15 more of my money so I could download videos, but they won't get any more. And the videos are low qual (1080), not 4K. I sure won't recommend the site. What a stupid choice by a ripoff site.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear about your experience. Many sites are now charging extra for downloads, unfortunately.
See Reply
ixoye (PART 1) And the worst part for the new members who paid an extra charge to get the download capacity in RK is this: all the videos now have less bitrate (near of 50% less). The old members keep access to the videos with the best bitrate (usually up at 8000 - 12000 kbps).
But for the new subscriptions the story is another (4000 kbs +/- 7000 kbps). Seems the new policy is give you a stream quality instead the real quality. A complete scam since my point of view. Beware with wich site you spend your money.

Staff Reply: Hi ixoye! Thanks for sharing your comments. Why not write a review on PornUsers to let others know what you think?
See Reply
Jason I paid for my realitykings membership 3 times in 2 days and every time I try to log in it says my credentials don't work so I feel like I've been scammed out of $146, if possible could you send me am email on this -

Staff Reply: Hi Jason! I sent you an email - check your inbox :)
Ryan chocek Not able to authenticate on Roku for reality Kings for the life of me. Please help. I am a full Paying member of the site.

Staff Reply: Hi Ryan! Unfortunately, we don't deal with Roku. I'd recommend you to check their customer service here: I apologize for the inconvenience. Cheers, Freddie!
Jay Same experience with Reality Kings Roku app. I cannot authenticate no matter what I do. Screen mirroring from my phone to Roku also doesn't work. If you have a solution I would greatly appreciate it.

Staff Reply: Hi Jay! Have you checked this article on how to stream Reality Kings on Roku? You can read it here: Otherwise, if you still have issues, please email me at! Cheers!
See Reply
Juan ¡¡Cuidado, estafa!!

Staff Reply: Hi Juan! I apologise for the inconvenience. If you have any further issues, please contact me at Thanks!
Anonymous I also can't log in on Roku, which is why I bought this. The userid field did not allow for enough characters. So I shortened my userid and tried again. It said error. Is the Roku Reality Kings app even legit, or is it phishing for passwords?

Staff Reply: Hi! I apologise for the inconvenience. If you have any further issues, could you please contact me at Thanks!
Anonymous Roku doesn't work. Bought it for that, waste of money. Can log in on computer but not on the Roku channel for Reality Kings. Customer support could not help.

Staff Reply: Hi! I apologise for the inconvenience. If this issue persists, please get in touch with me at Thanks!
Rakesh sharma I have purchased membership for a a month but not yet able to open the site. My money is used by the website but I m getting nothing.

Staff Reply: Hi! I apologise for the inconvenience! Could you send me an email at with your account details (account/username/date joined) and we'll get in touch with Reality Kings?
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Anonymous So every time I click to watch a video it would play the video but nothing would show. Is there a way to fix that?

Staff Reply: Sorry you're having trouble viewing the videos, but you'll have to contact their CS if you need help with any technical support issues.
Can't Verify
hidden extras I used to be a member of reality kings for 9 years. But last time I rejoined in 2016. I could not download any videos. I found out you had to pay again on a separate monthly order to download the content which is not mentioned in the TOS or on the details when signing up. I wont go back because I feel duped. Im now a member of Girlsway and much happier.

Staff Reply: Sorry you had a bad experience! We were recently made aware of the extra charge for downloads and have updated the info in our reviews. Thanks for the feedback!
See Reply
gfleak for real? So apparently according to the banner in the pornportal menu, subscribing to RealityKings also means access to and its 6 sites, but I have yet to see anyway to access said site contents from my RealityKings account.

Staff Reply: Hello! Access to GF Leaks is only for new members (you'll see a pink-colored link in the top menu), so if you're renewing your membership you might not get access. To find out for sure, contact their CS.
See Reply
Ayush I had upgraded my membership from tiral to full access. I have the confirmation mail from thier billing partner vendo, but the website is saying there is some error in your membership and again prompting me to upgrade.Vendo customer care is saying your subscription is upgraded while reality kings support is refusing to acknowledge. Meanwhile my credit card is already charged for the month and i have still not got the access, very inefficient site.

Staff Reply: Hi Ayush! I apologise for the inconvenience. Could you send me an email at with your account information for Reality Kings and I'll get in touch with them to fix the issue? Thanks!
Bob Part 1: I created an account, they instantly billed me twice for $29.95, saying that it was RK + the "RK Premium" but the Premium is supposed to be a one day trial for $1 (which I KNOW I had declined) and they immediately upgraded it upon account creation.

Staff Reply: Hi Bob! I apologise for the inconvenience but I'm glad it worked out :) Cheers - Freddie
See Reply
Anonymous Did not read the reports. Same issue here. With the monthly TBP discount you can't download movies or photos. This wasn't mentioned on TBP or the joining site.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the update! We've been getting a lot of reports about this and were finally able to confirm that RK is charging $14.99 for access to downloads. We'll be updating our review soon!
Anonymous Having same issue as few other others. The subscription purchase only grants viewing access. Need an additional membership to "unlock" downloading. This was not mentioned anywhere and it's misleading. A warning is needed.

Staff Reply: Thanks for letting us know! We've been getting a lot of reports about this and were finally able to confirm that RK is charging an extra $14.99 for access to video downloads. We'll be updating our review soon!
Anonymous RK is misleading. You can't download videos or photos without upgrading even after buying a monthly membership.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info! We've been getting a lot of reports about this and were finally able to confirm that RK is indeed charging an extra $14.99 for access to downloads. We'll be updating our review soon!
Anonymous Download Limit
You Cant Download Anything Anymore Without Paying a monthly download fee

Staff Reply: Thanks! We've been getting a lot of reports about this and were finally able to confirm that RK is charging an extra $14.99 for downloads. We'll be updating our review soon!
Deceptive Probiller/Reality Kings ProMo Purchased the this deal:

$29.99 Our Price $9.99 (recurring recurs at $29.95/mo.)

Simply enter the site (this link or any on this page) and look for the lower price on the credit card billing page

So after joining for $9.99 and entering the site it will not allow downloads unless an additional $14.99 is spent to unlock them.

Very deceptive. Have contacted the RK/Probiller to voice my issue.

Buyer beware!

Staff Reply: Thanks for the head's up! We've been getting a lot of reports about this and were finally able to confirm that RK is charging an extra $14.99 to unlock downloads. We'll be updating our review soon!
"Hacked" Signed up for Reality Kings @ $17.99 which went smooth, then get a email that I have been signed up for RKCams for 14.99. I contact them and they claim I was "hacked." They said they will issue a refund in 5 to 7 days. I will follow up with another report in that doesn't go smooth.

Staff Reply: Hi Hacked. We don't see another report from you so I guess they refunded you? If so, great!
Can't Verify
ww Against my better judgement I joined today for 30 days at $17.00. BIG MISTAKE Checked e mail and found a charge for $ 99 . They claim they will now turn my name over to collection agency PLEASE DON'T JOIN.

Staff Reply: Hi ww. Thanks for the comments. What site/service was the charge for? They do have a cross sale. but it is only for a trial membership.
See Reply
ED S yet another probiller site review, RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Staff Reply: Why not write a review on PornUsers?
See Reply
wb I've had the same problem as others appear to have. Looking at the reviews, there appears only 1 review for all of 2017. That's IMPOSSIBLE. Is there a cover up going on by The Best Porn. This problem seems so horrific that They should do a complete investigation. Or at least provide some facts on the exact situation We deserve that !!!!

Staff Reply: Hi wb. There were two reviews in 2017. One in March and then a second in Oct. As for the problem you're having, can you please be more specific?
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Anonymous won't join probiller sites

Staff Reply:
Can't Verify
Kim Can you link to the unlimited trial? thanks

Staff Reply: Hi Kim. I don't understand your request. The site only has one trial option and it's limited.
See Reply
biker Did not see a discount.

Staff Reply: Hi biker. We can see it our end. Are you outside the US? The site might have geo-specific pricing. Sorry about that.
See Reply
Anonymous Reality Kings is charging less but only as a portal to Realitykingsreel which costs $20 but is in fact a VOD site - any decent vids in this section costs further amounts (you are not told this before joining of course). The main RK site is now very poor and almost forces you to join this other site - but don't waste your money UNLESS you are prepared to cough up further for any decent vids.
No wonder the porn industry is in a mess!! What a con!

Staff Reply: We're seeing full access to the Reality Kings network with our login. Have you tried contacting their customer support?
Can't Verify
soured Attention! virus alert
The site contains infected code: HTML.Trojan.Iframe.A@gen

Staff Reply: Thanks for notifying us. We'll check it out. Meanwhile, you may want to put your comment over at Porn Users so others will know.
See Reply
pornpundit It appears andd was confirmed by great support that the trial is, in fact, now limited. Cancel your trial and come back here to TBP AND TAKE THE MONTH. You won't be unhappy1

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comment. You may want to share your info over at Porn Users so others will know.

See Reply
T J Your site lists RealityKings as having a full access trial period.
In fact, their trial period is very limitted. Only access to 3 videos. No downloading.

Staff Reply: Although we did not find limits when we tested, other users are seeing limits so we did put a note to that effect in May.

See Reply
Anonymous There are no downloads on trial!!!!

Staff Reply: Thanks for notifying us. You may want to share your comments over at Porn Users.

See Reply
Deputy Some good content but they NEVER contact you. I even called the billing company and they can't help. Example: Their advert shows a great scene with Velicity Von and Riley Evans. It is even shown as a favourite in their own site - but the scene is missing. I contacted them multiple times - no response. Other sites have always been great at responding. Reality Kings just take your money.

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comments. You may want to post this as as user review over at to let others know about your experience.
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mpnon Download Managers don't work! Tried with Jdownloader and Jdownloader 2 and with Flashgot extension and they don't work. Not being able to program downloads is very annoying; specially when a GB file gets broken in the middle.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. You may want to post this as as user review over at to let others know what is going on.
See Reply
download limit for paying members?? No Go! Paid for one month membership, downloaded like 10 episodes and suddenly....nothing worked. Found out that there is a very restricted download limit!
For paying members that is totally annoying!
In my opinion download limits are absolute "no go" and close to fraud. Sorry, but never again!

Staff Reply: There is a note on the site listing which indicates that all sites in this network do have a download limit. Sorry that you missed that information. You may want to voice your opinions over at our sister site, Porn Users.

See Reply
Thomas update report until I came here I didn't see any download limit as I said 10GBS is fine but if you pay for 1 year then you should get unlimited downloads like the rest of them. I must say that there movies in HD are great saying that you can sill watch all the films just have too wait 24 hours to start to download them again. 10 hours would be better or just take the limit of so we can get what we paid for. I Give it 7/10 I would give it 9/10 if they take out the limit.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your disappointment. With such large movie files, it could get in the way. You may want to post a user review over at to let others know what you think.
See Reply
thomas paid for 1 year got in the first time but I thought it was unlimited downloads but no you have only 10GB per day this is fine for small dvd vids but knot for HD video's as they can be up to 3.5 GB each so your lucky to download 8 per day when I joined it didn't say any think about a download do get 41 sites but 1 or more are out of date as for the help it ok but could be better updates vary from 1 week to 1 month and some don't update Reality King says there the best. I think knot

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your troubles. We do have their download limits listed, but as for the rest, you may want to post a user review over at to let others know what you think.
See Reply
Anonymous Beware Windows 8 users. Reality Kings will not work on Windows 8 computers.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. You may want to post this as a user review over at to let others know your thoughts on the site.
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Anonymous The communication of Reality Kings is the worst of the worst.
It is impossible to contact them, once a member you are stuck.
Do you know a way too reach them? It is a shame

Staff Reply: Unfortunately we don't contact support teams directly very often. If you have a specific issue, you can email us, and we can try to point you in the right direction, but it's no guarantee. You can also try contacting the company that billed you for any issues there.
Can't Verify
Anonymous The network provides access to way more than 28 sites. You may want to update that.

Staff Reply: Listing is updated now....thanks!
Anonymous Following the link to "Billing Support" took me to a billing website that was different from the one used when I joined.

Staff Reply: Hopefully you got some kind of email confirmation when you joined that may lead you to the correct site. Or you could try contacting the site directly, or look on your credit card statement for a phone number associated with the charge.
See Reply
micha Reality Kings has hundreds of dead WMV video links. When these are encountered the appear to count as a download because I get locked out after two or three Gigs when clicking on several dead links.Tech support does not exist in this network. customer support does not exist in this network.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your troubles. Generally, download limits count only from actual amounts downloaded, so a broken link would use very little of that. However, there could be other issues causing problems unfortunately.
See Reply
Anonymous I had queued about 5 gigabytes into my download manager and only successfully downloaded about 1 gig before being locked out. So it appears that they may have lowered the download limit.

Staff Reply: You may want to contact their site support about this as they're pretty clear on their limits in their T&C. Hopefully they can shed some light on what happened.
Can't Verify
mulder After 10gb of downloading you get locked out! Not worth it!!

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. I've added a note to their listing regarding this.
Dor The special offers for billing don't seem to work. It's a bait and switch to $39.95/month.

Staff Reply: The discount seems to be working okay for me. Make sure you're in the USA, try clearing your history, cache, and cookies, or perhaps try a different browser or computer altogether.
rearadmiral There is a download limit. Section VI (E) in the terms of the agreement reads:

"As a member in good standing, you may download up to 10 gigabytes of data each day, and additionally up to 15 big movies. Upon reaching this limit, you may be denied access to download any additional data until the beginning of the next day."

I asked for clarification of big movies and may be denied access but got no response.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. I've updated their site facts to reflect the changes!
Anonymous Got locked out of site....Will never return

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. You may want to post this over at our sister site,, to let others know about this.
Can't Verify
Selphy Dwn Limit it is not clear. They says 10gb daily !!
If you download 8 gb from 17pm to 21pm and if you will download the day after other 2,1 Gb starting from18 pm, you will be blocked till to the day after !!! So the limit it is not "daily", but you have not exceed the 10gb/24 hours.
This is almost fraudulent cause you can't program your time spent surfing in their site !!!
There is not the way to contact the Webmaster. They have only an automatic system of replying.
Away from their site !!!!

Staff Reply: You may want to write your own review over at to let others know what you think!
See Reply
Anonymous I joined and got a confirmation with pass words etc and was directed to the site. But it wast possible to download or watch anything. Instead I should join once more. There was no picture for signing up and there support couldt help me. I have lost @17,95 for nothing. But I could cancel membership.

Staff Reply: You'll have to contact Reality Kings or their billing company directly for help with this. Any join at the $17.95 price tag should give you full access to their site.
Can't Verify
venividivixen Since the last month, every new video has a 1080p mp4 file available for download (not streaming).

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. Once the new format gains some traction in proportion to the older videos, we'll get it put in to our site facts!
See Reply
Rupreckt Reality Kings has an annoying Download Limit. It does not even seem to be a Limit, more of a counter that counts how many downloads you can gather before locking you out for a solid 24-hours.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. We've added a note to warn others.
Tom I was charged $24.95 not $9.95 as advertised.

Staff Reply: Unfortunately we don't have any access to their billing info or setup. You'll have to contact support for the site, for the company that charged you, or your bank directly for assistance.
Can't Verify
Anonymous None of the reality kings links are working?

Staff Reply: They seem to be working okay from here now. It may have been a temporary glitch.

New = Recently submitted, awaiting staff verification.
Corrected = Report verified, site facts have been adjusted or corrected.
Can't Verify = We don't currently have access to the site (or page) to verify this report.
Incorrect = After reviewing the site, we found the report to be incorrect.
See Reply = See the staff reply below the report.

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