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FAQ's The general frequently asked questions for webmasters.

Last Updated : Oct 9, 2009

# Question Answer
1 Why do I need a webmaster profile? A webmaster profile is the only way to maintain your pay-sites at and It's the key to requesting reviews, submitting member passes, submitting new sites, communicating with users (who review your site), talking directly to the reviewers (before/after your review), and much more.

Creating a profile
is easy and only takes a few minutes. BTW, you may already have a profile and not know it yet. See the next question below.
2 I am already listed, do I already have a profile? Yes, each company has a default profile that was setup. The profile was created using the e-mail address we have on file for your company. An e-mail was sent with your profile password (username is e-mail address) on Aug 13th or when your company was created (if after that date).

If you don't have that e-mail, you can try to retrieve your password. If you don't know the e-mail address we have on file, you can create a new profile fairly quickly.
3 I have registered for a Porn Users webmaster profile in the past, will that work? Yes, the profile at PornUsers will work from now on at You do not need to create a new profile.
4 How do I get my sites listed/reviewed? If your site currently isn't listed (or reviewed) with, please read our site guidelines here to see if you qualify or not.

If you've read the guidelines and your site does qualify, do a search (at left column of this page) to be sure it's not already listed.

If you site is still not listed and it qualifies, the next step is to create a profile and submit your sites. After that, you'll be able to submit your sites for review if you desire.
5 How do I delete/disable my profile? If you wish to disable your account, you can do so from the edit profile page. This will guarantee you will not receive any e-mail notifications or have your profile displayed publicly for others to see.

We do not delete profiles from our systems completely for logging purposes.
6 Can I create more than 1 webmaster profile for my company? Yes, but only one profile is allowed per person. If you have other staff you want a profile for, have them create a new profile.
7 Why does my profile have limited access? New profiles are given limited access to important company function until granted full access by the primary company profile.

The primary company profile can log-in to upgrade your permission status. If that's not possible for some reason, you can create a support ticket and we can upgrade your status.
8 How do I submit new sites? When logged-in, near the top of the page you should see a "Sites" link. Click that link, and at the bottom of the page you'll see a link Add New Sites.
9 What if the answer to my question isn't listed here? We're always here to help with any questions you have. There are a number of ways to contact us:

1. Create Support Ticket (recommended option)
2. E-mail Us
3. ICQ MikeC: 570439966

Site Guidelines Read our current site guidelines below.

Sites we currently list:
1. Membership Sites - aka. Pay Sites, commercial adult sites that charge for access.
2. Private Cam Sites - private web cam services where cam models charge per minute for a private show.
3. PPV Video Sites - pay per movie sites also known as "video on demand".
4. Site Networks - group of 5 or more quality pay-sites accessible with a single membership.
5. AVS/AEN Services - a large (100) network of generally smaller sites independently owned.

Other site standard requirements:
1. No turn-key/cookie-cutter sites. These sites use pre-made html templates, which provides an unoriginal experience for our users.
2. Sites must have their tour and members area hosted on their own domain name.
3. We're not interested in pay-site tours that link to the same members area. Each site and members area content must be unique.
4. No illegal sites or sites that contain material about beastiality, incest, scat, necrophilia, pedophilia, prostitution, lolicon, escorts, rape, and torture.
5. No site(s) containing too many consoles, dialiers, or any other surfer trap (including misleading or fraudulent billing practices).

Sites we DO NOT list at this time:
1. Free Sites - Free sites of any kind including tgps, free gallery sites, resources, etc.
2. AVS Sites - Individual AVS sites. We only list the major AVS Service.
3. Retail Sites - Adult shopping sites including sex toys, drugs, dvd rental/purchase.
4. Phone Sex Sites - Sites that promote or offer phone sex numbers.
5. Tube Sites - This also applies to free video tubes with premium member areas. We prefer to stick to dedicated pay-sites at this time.

Other Notes and Disclaimers:
1. We reserve the right to refuse any site, for any reason we deem appropriate.
2. No e-mail response is guaranteed, but we do our best to respond to legitimate submissions.
3. No submissions through auto-submitters will be tolerated.
4. Submit only sites that you own or exclusively represent.

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