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The Best Porn » Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists all of our frequently asked question with answers to them. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.


    About Us - The Reviews - Misc Questions

About Us List of common questions about us and answers to them.

Last Updated : Oct 13, 2009

# Question Answer
1 What is the mission of Our mission is to provide a complete resource for web users seeking porn on-line. That mission means to fulfill the demand for a common place that assists consumers in spending their time on quality web-sites and making better purchase decisions. By honoring that role, we must always keep the consumer in mind from start to finish. We must work to gain the consumers trust, and maintain that vision to never jeopardize that trust. Combine that goal with a solid user interface, thoughtful honest reviews, daily updates, and progressive expansion to earn repeat visits and word-of-mouth advertising. In the end, these goals help provide the essential elements to profit while empowering the user with a valuable resource.
2 When and how did start? We've been in the adult business since 1996, most of which have all provided simple resources (like links, articles, etc) to guide consumer and webmasters. The idea for The Best Porn began in early 2003, the first review was written in July 2003, the first review was published in September 2003 (preview site), and our official site launch was December 22nd, 2003.

The inspiration behind this site was basically a natural progression to push harder with our efforts, and provide a more improved service to consumers which would hopefully then result in referring more paying customers (resulting in profits). This site, while its main focus is reviewing pay-sites, now provides one of the largest, most detailed and up-to-date databases for porn web-sites.
3 What makes your site different from other review sites? The simple answer would be: attention to detail! Our reviews give more essential site details. We're one of the only sites to provide scores and links to reviews from nearly every legitimate outside review site. We provide more site facts (cost, content details, billing providers, site origin, and more) than any other site. We were the first to warn users of DRM, to real world trial membership tests, and offer special prices for sites.

We combine unique site reviews with the essential elements that help you find sites in our database quickly. Every navigation option from browsing by site niche (over 50), by top reviews, by review date, by keyword search, and other interest categories like browsing sites with trials, bargain sites, broadband sites, etc. Our tools make the experience simple and enjoyable.

As of October 2009, we're the largest pay-site database and review site in terms of quantity. Our site profiles over 15,000 pay-sites, over 5,600 of which have a review. We produce more reviews per day (4-6 full new reviews) than any other site. We also add about 5-10 new site listings (without reviews) per day.
4 How did you choose the editors? How qualified are they? This was thankfully the easiest part of building this site. All of our editors are in-house staff members that have been working with us for years. These members have been working with us on projects like and (now retired directories), so they already had good experience in judging site content. However, we still did a LOT of training earlier this year to simply get accustomed to the various pay-sites we'd be critiquing.

Compared to others in our field, we believe our editors provide the most experience and honesty. Each has reviewed well over 1000 adult pay-sites over the last 6 years. There simply aren't a lot of people in this business who have spent as much time looking inside the members areas of the porn sites, period. Each has developed their own review style, and have all excelled at judging and scoring.
5 How many people run The Best Porn? This question was originally answered when our only staff was myself (webmaster), our programmer, and our 4 editors. Since we began, the site has grown tremendously, and we have added quite a few members to our staff. Are we big bugdet? Not quite. But with close to a dozen staff members in total (most full-time, some part-time), our budget has definitely increased!

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The Reviews List of common questions about the reviews and answers to them.

Last Updated : Oct 13, 2009

# Question Answer
1 Will you review ANY porn site? Yes and no. The first step is getting listed with us, which almost any porn membership site qualifies for. After that, if the site is unique (not a clone), then it qualifies for a review.

The type of sites we don't list or review are free sites (tubes/tgps), retail sites, illegal sites (underage/animals/etc), individual avs sites, etc.

For more info, view our complete Site Guidelines.
2 What is the new 2.0 review format? On August 18th, 2009, we launched our brand new and improved review 2.0 format. This new format is different than our old system in many ways.

To sum up the differences compared to the old review format:

-Full in-depth review by a single reviewer rather than a summarized review by all four of our reviewers.

-No more wimpy express reviews, no more patchy follow-up reviews. When a review needs an update, a different editor will write a fresh brand new one!

-More pros/cons, new site grades, new site details list (like an extension of our site facts). Only the details you need, no fluff!!

-More reviews released per year than ever! Top sites (85 and above) will be re-reviewed at least once per year.

-Nominate sites you want to see reviewed. The more nominations the site gets, the better chances it'll get reviewed sooner.

-Old reviews will stay in our system until the new review format replaces them.

Overall, more up-to-date reviews with the detailed information you need!
3 Are the reviews REALLY honest and completely unbiased? Absolutely! Each editor will have their personal preferences when it comes to taste and/or scoring methods. You can be VERY confident each review will be honest and unbiased, no doubt. We will not score sites higher or lower because they might be friends (or enemies). Nor would we give better scores if we make more money per sale than another site. The majority of review sites won't review sites unless they don't get compensated for referrals. We continue to be one of the only review sites that will.

If we can't be fair and honest, then we know that in the long run we won't succeed. It's in our best interest to keep our scores and opinions completely free of any bias.
4 Why do your scores seem lower (on avg) than other review sites? Overall, our scores should be a little lower (in general) than other review sites like Rabbit's Reviews , Porn Reports, and We review sites based on today's porn site standards, which are higher and higher each year. Sites who fail to keep up, will not maintain a good score. Our editors leave a lot of room for improvement than most other review sites. Only a handful of sites exceed a score of 90, and most sites that would get 5 stars (or nearly perfect scores) on other review sites, probably fall in the 80's. I can't say this is an exact rule, and I guarantee I can find sites to disprove this, but in general this is the case.
5 How often do you update your reviews? With our new 2.0 reviews, we put heavy focus on maintaining fresh up to date reviews for our top sites.

Our goal is to launch a fresh review no longer than once per year for sites scored 85 or higher.

Sites that score under 85 will be reviewed primarily based on user nominations and webmaster submissions. Although many exceptions are made based on how popular the site is and how long it's been since the last review.

We never like to see reviews older than 2 years, regardless of it's score.
6 Why are some reviews longer than others? The length of the reviews vary from editor to editor and site to site for many reasons. Our editors are instructed to give their opinions in pretty much any form they choose. Larger sites will usually get longer reviews since there is more to judge. Sometimes an editor may have more to say about a certain site for reasons of their own. If there's nothing interesting about the site, sometimes there just isn't much to write about.

The bottom line is we want to include all the important details most users want to know. If there aren't many, we won't bore you with insignificant blabber.
7 Are the scores consistent from site to site? They are intended to be. The editors are instructed to be consistent with the scores, regardless of the type of site.

For example, a solo girl site who maintains her own site will not be given special treatment compared to a large production company. We judge the site for it's overall value. For this reason, niche sites will usually score lower than large general hardcore sites. This is why it's good to browse by niche if there's a specific type of site that interests you.

On another note, the time of review says a lot as well. A site reviewed in 2007 will not be reviewed with the same standards as today. The newer the review, the higher the standards. Then again, if we haven't looked at a site since 2007, it's possible they have improved beyond the standards of today. This is why our goal is to keep high rated sites always up to date with a fresh new review.
8 Do the new grades count toward the site's overall score? They do not. The grades are an independent measure that has no direct contribution to the site's overall score.

The idea behind our new grades is to give users an easy way to judge the value of a specific site feature. However, these grades don't have a numerical value like our sub-scores (from the past).

The final score is now 100% based on the overall caliber of the site. The reviewers take all aspects of the site in mind and no longer rely on a criteria list to guide them.

To view more info on our grades, read our Grade Criteria.
9 Is a site's score affected when a site lowers their price or offers a special discount? Not at all. Price is not factored into a site's overall score. The goal behind this change is to make our site ranks based solely on the overall enjoyment of the site and not have price influence the ranks. Therefore, you decide how price would affect your purchase decision. We display each site's price on most of our browse pages to make it easier for you to choose wisely.
10 How can I nominate a site for review? We recently added a new feature on each site page giving you the power to nominate a site for a new review.

This unfortunately doesn't guarantee a review will be completely, but it definitely helps move the site higher on the list.

To nominate a site, visit their profile page (example: Met-Art) and locate the "Nominate!" box under the Review 2.0 heading.

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Misc Questions Miscellaneous questions and answers to them.

Last Updated : Oct 13, 2009

# Question Answer
1 How do I cancel a site membership? Most sites are very easy to cancel. They want to do honest business and are here for the long-term. However, no company is created equal and it's always important to look out for yourself.

Here are a few important tips when signing up to a porn site:

1. Don't forget which site you signed up for, duh!
2. Pay attention to the billing company (on the join page) and write down any confirmation id's.
3. Know the date you must cancel by to avoid any recurring charges.
4. Keep all e-mail confirmations handy.

About 90% of pay-sites use a 3rd-party billing processor (most popular being CC Bill, Epoch. Those services handle all processing from beginning to end. Canceling your membership can be as simple as visiting that billing processor, finding their "Customer Support" or "Cancel Membership" page, and doing a search for your memberships through their system. The site you signed up for should also have a link to the cancel page to assist you.

If the site you signed up for doesn't use a 3rd party processor, you will need to figure out the specific page they use to process cancellations. Usually they provide a "Support" or "Cancel" link in the members area. Usually cancel instructions are provided in the e-mail confirmation as well. If all that fails, try locating cancel instructions in their "Terms & Conditions" page.

If you ever feel that a site isn't providing reasonable means to cancel, report them at and warn other users. A webmaster of that site will sometimes also help you from there.

We will not do business with companies that clearly are cheating or ripping off users. We view all reports at and will do test signups if necessary.
2 I signed up to a site but it's not working, what should I do? Technical problems are no stranger to porn sites. They exist more with smaller unknown sites than larger more established ones. The most common issue that occurs is not being able to log-in after signing up. Sometimes it takes a few hours for your user/password to record into their database (although most are instant). Regardless, you should always contact the site webmaster and billing processor (they usually handle authentication into sites). You'll usually get a reply quickly from the billing processor since they have customer service reps on the clock 24/7.

If you have trouble getting any support from the site or billing processor (call them if needed), then definitely let us know and we'll try to get in touch with someone for you. Nearly all sites want to avoid chargebacks, so it's rare that you'll get nobody to help.
3 What happened to the preview pictures and screen captures? These were both taken down in 2005 for a few reasons. But the main reason was to focus our efforts more on site facts and reviews, and less on free pictures. We found that nearly every site offered free content in their tours, so if you really wanted to preview the pics or videos, you could still do so. Taking away the preview pics and screen caps also gave us more page real-estate for more useful features, and allows our pages to load a little quicker.
4 Where can I leave my comments about a site? Our new site is now available for users to review and comment about any site listed here at TBP. We launched this site in early 2007 and it's already becoming popular among our regular users. The reviews and comments are also shown on each site page at TBP, so both sites interact well together.

To leave a review or comment for a specific site, you can locate the site page here at TBP or at, then follow the appropriate link to submit. Registeration is required (free of course).
5 Why do you link to scores from other review sites? Not only is it nearly impossible for us to review every site we list, but even if we've reviewed a site, it's still possible you would want more opinions. We don't really discriminate on which review sites we choose to publish, so long as they're intending to provide honest and thorough reviews (with scores). There are so many new review sites available now, it's so hard to keep up with them all. We'll do our best though. Our goal is to provide the most complete database of sites and information to help you find the best porn, and hopefully earn your repeat visit.
6 Why do some sites have a discounted price and how do I signup? Since we produce a lot of business for the sites we list/review, many have been nice enough to setup significant discounted prices for our users (most are over 50% monthly rate). This is a great way for us to not only reward our loyal visitors, it doesn't require anything from you to take advantage. As long as you have cookies enabled, by clicking through to the "discounted" site from ours, you should automatically see the discounted price on their signup processing page. If you don't see the discount, try clearing your cookies and click the link from our page again. Contact us if you have further trouble.

To find sites with a discount, check our Porn Discounts section. Sites with a special discount have their prices highlighted in green throughout our listings.
7 Where can I get definitions for the terms used on the site? To get simple definitions for terms used on our site, please refer to our Site Glossary. Recently updated!
8 Are you hiring any new reviewers? We don't currently have any plans to hire new reviewers anytime soon. Our current editors/reviewers (Duke, Vanessa, Maggie, Spencer) are all company partners who have been with us since the early inception of We put a lot of value into having reviewers that are not only extremely experienced, but are able to put in full-time hours just to review web-sites. Most other sites contract out their reviews to save money and end up with very inconsistent scores.

If you're looking to simply review sites you've been a member of and share it with others, Porn Users was built to give you those tools. If we ever do decide to add reviewers to our staff, this will be the first place we look. :)

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If you don't find the answer to your question, try contacting us instead!

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