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The Best Porn » Announcements

Latest Announcements Latest news and information about our site.

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August 6th, 2007

New VOD Niche Released

By popular demand, we're happy to release the new VOD Niche to our users. The niche currently has 39 unique VOD sites listed, including the popular names you've come to know such as Hot Movies, AEBN, X On Demand, Adult Rental, Yappo, and many more!

The new VOD niche will contain only sites where you can buy a block of minutes (or bandwidth) and spend them as you wish over the site's entire inventory of videos. Keep in mind, we still have the Pay Per View site type where you can view any site based on the pay per content billing method.

June 15th, 2007

Come visit us at Erotica LA

Erotica LA is a 3-day show where porn fans can meet their favorite stars and see what's new in the world of porn! This'll be our first year having a booth at this show to represent both The Best Porn and Porn Users. Our main man Vegas Ken (our marketing rep) will be standing by to save lost porn souls and introducing them to the world of porn site reviews. If you're a fan of our site, be sure to stop by and say hi!!

Here's some details:

What: Erotica LA
Where: Los Angeles, California (LA Convention Center)
When: Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 24th
Booth #: 901

Stop by our booth to get your limited edition TBP and PornUsers swag!!!

As a bonus, we're proud to be featuring appearances from the following sexy adult stars:

-Kelly Madison (and co-star Ryan Madison)
-Lisa Sparxxx
-Jack Lawrence

They'll be at our booth to promote their own web-sites and sign autographs for the fans. Be sure to checkout their sites! We want to thank them for keeping Vegas Ken company. :)

May 25th, 2007

Non-Nude Sites Are Here

By popular demand, we've open the gates for adult-oriented teaser sites more commonly known as Non-Nude Sites!

These type of sites have gained popularity in the last few years and are aimed at the consumer who likes to be tortured with girls refusing to take their clothes off for the camera. Some of the more popular solo girls sites have emerged within this niche, such as Next Door Nikki, Kate's Playground, Ann Angel, etc.

We define these sites as adult-oriented solo girls sites where over 90% of the image galleries or videos are sexy teaser pics (no nudity) only. If yer lucky, you might get a quick flash or see-through shirt galleries.

Look for reviews in this niche to start going live within the next week!

April 3rd, 2007

Write User Reviews to Earn Cash

If you haven't checked out the exciting community at, now's the time! Today we launch an exciting new weekly contest called $200 Tuesdays giving users a chance to win cash by submitting pay-site reviews, comments, etc. If you already sign-up to porn sites, it's a perfect opportunity for you to submit your own input and possibly win cash while doing it!

For more information about our contest, go to $200 Tuesdays!

February 28th, 2007

New Listings are now live in Real-Time

This update is important to those who like to frequent our new listings. Listings are now displayed on our site the moment they are added to our database. Previously, sites would not go live for 2-3 days. The only downside is that sites may not have the screen cap (logo) uploaded yet. We figure the sooner the better though!

Due to this change, our homepage now features the latest 20 new listings versus the new listings released for that day.

February 10th, 2007

TBP named 2007's "Adult Site of the Year"

The 5th Annual XBIZ Awards were held this past thursday in Hollywood, California. Awards in 21 categories were presented, most of honored b2b services among the industry. "Adult Site of the Year" was the only category to include a few top review sites and consumer pay-sites. Rick, the chief and founder of TBP, was in attendance to proudly accept the award.

To read the XBIZ press release and view all winners, click here.

January 10th, 2007 Goes Big With

Las Vegas, Nevada – The adult review website, is proud to announce the official launch of will focus on adult paysite reviews and comments written by adult paysite members.

At individuals will be able to write reviews, comment on other reviews, leave quick comments and receive replies direct from website owners. Benefits to Webmasters will include the ability to post site news and receive email notifications when new reviews or comments about their sites are listed. Additionally they will have the opportunity to directly respond to users. will be monitored by an industry veteran Khan. Many may know Khan from his active role at YNOT over the years. When asked about Khan said “I feel the site is going to be an immediate hit with porn surfers who will love having a place to voice their opinions.” will be groundbreaking in terms of its size and scope, and have a major impact on the adult review site marketplace. “Our initial market research indicates that is going to be even bigger than we expected.” says Vegas Ken, Director of Marketing. “I really think that will drive some of the highest volume and qualified affiliate traffic in our industry.”

Rick Muenyong, the founder of is very excited about this launch. "This is definitely the most enjoyable and challenging project we've ever done. I can't wait to learn and read what porn consumers really think. The basic infrastructure is solid and will allow for an unprecedented exchange of valuable information." and are subsidiaries of, Inc. which was founded in 2003 by Rick Muenyong. is currently the largest review site with 11,000 sites listed and over 3,400 reviews.

January 2nd, 2007

Sign-Up for a Special Preview

On January 7th (Sunday), we'll be launching a special beta-test where users can browse the full Porn Users web-site, create a user profile, and post reviews/comments. Basically users who signup will gain full priveleges to the site 3 days prior to the actual site launch on January 10th.

The goal of the beta-test is to work out any technical issues and have users submit reviews and comments prior to the official launch. This will be a huge accomplishment for us and are looking forward getting our users involved. was built by the same people behind, and was created to give an avenue for users of a site to give their own feedback. It'll be just another great resource from us to help you get the most information possible about a paysite before joining.

To signup for the preview, go to!

November 28th, 2006

TBP's User Review Site Coming January 10th

This is our first official announcement about our highly anticipated user review site, Porn Users (click to view the logo)!

Other review sites have added a section user comments under their porn site reviews. Many have asked why we have no place for users to add such comments. It seems like such an easy solution. Our reasons were simple and complex, but the simple fact is we wanted to take the concept to the next level!

Coming January 10th, here are just some of the features you can expect at

1. Users will be able to publish full reviews (pros, cons, bottom line), quick comments, or quick ratings about any site listed at TBP.

2. Registered users (easy and free) will be able add replies to feedback and even communicate directly with site owners (when applicable) in a message board style conversation.

3. Full user profiles with personalized bookmarking tools to keep sites, feedback, other users, (and more) stored in one convenient location.

4. Seemless integration with TBP. A qualified Porn Users score will be displayed (when applicable) on each site's review/listing page along with the new reviews and comments made.

5. Full user stats, achievement badges, and more will make participation fun and rewarding.

Never before has this industry offered a site where users are given such a strong voice. We've talked to site owners and they WANT to hear from the consumers, especially former members!

Since launching in late 2003, we've lead consumers to what we consider the "best" porn. Coming January 10th 2007, consumers will soon have the opportunity to lead instead of follow!

November 3rd, 2006

Is TBP your favorite site?

If you're a fan of our site, we need your vote! Help us by nominating our site for the upcoming XBIZ awarxds for the categories "Adult Site of the Year" and "Up & Coming Web Company".

Nominate Us Today!
Company: The Best Porn
We thank you for your support!

Speaking of nominations! TBP is a part of the PRA Awards Organization (Porn Reviewers Association) whose goal each year is to reward the very best in commercial adult entertainment available online. Recently the 2006 nominations have been chosen, you can check them out here!

August 1st, 2006

Trial Lovers get an upgrade!

Nothin too big to announce, unless you're a trial freak!! Since we've been doing manual trial verifications (trial price listed in green), we felt it was time to give you people a new feature in our Porn Trials section.

You'll now see this checkbox available:
"Only show sites with verified full access trials."

Although we still can't guarantee full access, these trials were verified by us manually in the recent past to have full access trials. So that definitely is the best info you can get these days if you can't stand to committ longer than a few days! :)


July 16th, 2006

Special Discounts Do Affect Rankings

We've had some concerns from web-site owners that our users may not realize our final site rankings might be skewed compared to other review sites. As you probably know, sometimes we're able to workout special membership discounts with the site owners. They do this for a number of reasons:

1. Improves the price/value score in the review (higher rank).
2. Added exposure in our special interest categories.
3. Produces more sales/revenue.

This is an official announcment (for those that aren't aware) that these discounted prices can and usually do affect the final score (price/value score) by a few points. The bottom line, our site's rankings are based on the price you're offerred from versus prices you might find elsewhere. Please keep that in mind when browsing our site ranks.

Thanks for the site owners who pointed this out. It's important to us that you're fully aware of how we rate our sites.

July 10th, 2006

Some Small New Features Released

Got a slew of new features to announce today. Only the true TBP regulars will probably even notice them though. I'll try to outline them as best as I can.

1. New "Green" Trials

You've seen trial costs in "Red" when sites have limited trial offers. Now you'll start to see trials in "Green" throughout our site when a site offers a FULL trial. We're now signing up to as many trials as we can to give you guys a clear answer on whether sites with trials are "full" or "limited". If you see a trial in the standard "Brown" color, then it means we haven't gotten to it yet and enter at your own risk. Unfortunately it might take months (if not longer) to get through all the trials since the billing companies keep suspending our credit card for 24 hrs after we signup to several trials.

Checkout all the sites with trials in the Porn Trials special interest section.

2. New Site Facts

On each site review page we list tons of site facts for each site we've gotten members access to. Last week we finished a major database update and have added several new site fact categories to our system. It will take some time for us to gether the new facts, but I'll introduce them below so you know what to look for. I've gone ahead and added them for Videobox, so you can get an idea. Read below for descriptions.

A. Updates

You'll now get a general idea of each site's update schedule. We'll list if a site has an update log in the members area and if each content set is dated. Both are very beneficial to following site updates. In addition, under the "details" portion, we'll describe as best we can (in one sentence) how much content the site updates and how often.

B. Exclusive

We'll list whether the site has exclusive content or not. Exclusive means the site owns the content or has an exclusive license from a reseller. The general idea is if it's exclusive, you won't find it on any other web-sites. Usually sites will list this information somewhere on their site (which is what we'll pass on to you), but sometimes we'll make an educated guess based on our experience. Either way, you'll get a quick note on where the site stands in this category.

C. DL Limit

Download limit is when a site suspends your membership (or other penalty) if you exceed a specific amount of downloads in a certain period. Although we launced this section a little while ago, we've only recently started looking hard for it. Some sites don't list it anywhere (not even in the terms and conditions), but if it's in the terms or elsewhere on the site, we'll find it. We'll list either way if we know, so look for this important note.

D. Watermarks

This was a feature that a user requested and we thought others might find it useful also. Watermarks are a solid or semi-transparent logo (or other mark) that sometimes show up in the corner of pictures and videos. We'll simply state whether the content contains such a mark, and how large in size they are. You'll start to see this little detail in the "Pictures" and/or "Videos" section of the site facts.

E. Download Info

Under each video format (file type, bit-rate, dimensions), we'll now specify if the video file is downloadable, streaming, etc. Our old format displays this information next to the number of videos, but we found it more useful to know the status of each video format specifically. So you'll start to see these details pop up also.

These are subtle, yet very useful improvements to our site and we hope you guys enjoy them (as they progress)!!

March 27th, 2006

Matt's Models Offers $10 Discount

Another Top 10 site has arranged a special discount price for our members!! This is an awesome deal now at $14.95/mo. (regular price is $24.95/mo.) for a site with years and years worth of content. We're definitely the first to bring you this offer, and the only one at this point. If you've always thought about joining this site, now's your opportunity! Be sure to use our link from the Matt's Models profile page.

March 23rd, 2006

Spam Notices Removed

For now, all our "spam beware" notices will be removed from our site.

Some of you know we have been labeling when sites were sending spam. We have been manually signing up to pay-sites and keeping track of when we get spam from each signup. The problem is we got SO MUCH spam and pay-site webmasters (some of which we knew well and trust) were claiming they weren't sending it. We have reason to believe it's coming from a third party (like billing processor, etc) who also have access to e-mails. It's still a major problem, but it makes it impossible for us to accurate point our fingers. Since we also don't signup to every site, it wasn't fair for us to label certain sites as spammers and not others.

The bottom line and lesson to be learned after our little experiment is that you're not safe from spam when you giveup your e-mail address to almost any porn site, period. We continue to HIGHLY recommend that you create a separate free e-mail address (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) specifically for buying porn site memberships to help avoid related spam from reaching your important e-mail box. You might as well be safe than sorry.

For more buyer beware information, please checkout our article titled:
What to know BEFORE paying for porn!

March 14th, 2006

18 NEW Niches To Be Launched

The plan is to launch the following new niches over the next 2-3 weeks:

1. Ass To Mouth (ATM)
2. Cream Pies
3. Goth
4. Trample
5. Extreme
6. Midgets
7. Balloons
8. Piercings
9. Glasses
10. Nerds
11. Smother
12. Shoes
13. Wet N Messy (WAM)
14. Machines
15. Uniforms
16. Bukkake
17. Gangbang
18. Foot Jobs

It'll take time to re-index sites into the new niches, but expect to see these new niches released (in the order above) at a rate of one per day.

To view our complete list of niches, click here.

Enjoy the new niches bitches! ;-)

February 6th, 2006

Sapphic Erotica Offers Exclusive Discount

I usually don't announce new discounts in this section, but I wanted to make sure nobody missed this opportunity since Sapphic is one of our top-rated sites. It's definitely the premier lesbian site in our industry! They now offer users who link from our site a special $19.95/mo membership (includes full access, reg price is 29.95/mo). You won't find this offer available anywhere else. All you have to do is enter Sapphic Erotica from our site and you'll see the new discount price on the signup form. Enjoy!!

January 31st, 2006

Editor Icons Get a Face Lift

After 2 1/2 years, our editor illustrations were due for an update. The new renderings are super sweet! Not only do they look almost identical to the actual editors, but they're sharper and more attractive. Below is a before/after image we put together to show the differences. We hope you all enjoy the new icons!!

The new icons should already be live throughout the site. :)

December 26th, 2005

The Best Porn Sponsors ASACP

Joining the fight against child pornography.

Protecting children has always been a high priority for us. Child pornography is still a very serious problem. An organization within our industry called ASACP has been working directly with U.S. authorities since 1996 to prosecute such offenders.

This month, we became an official corporate sponsor of ASACP. As a sponsor, we made a sizeable donation to the organization. In addition, we added a convenient link at the bottom of each page going directly to their "report child porn" page.

November 16th, 2005

The Best Porn Launches Outside Reviews

Consolidating the scores of over 25 Adult Review Sites

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. –, one of the Internet’s foremost adult website guides, announces the launch of The Best Porn Outside Reviews, a unique tool designed to assist adult surfers in their search for the web’s best porn.

This exciting new tool is an upgrade to the basic outside review listings that were previously available. Adult surfers can now dynamically browse and sort through adult website review scores with greater thoroughness than ever before. Websites listed in the Outside Reviews are ranked based on their combined scores from multiple adult review sites. Surfers can choose from various search options in order to find a website based on overall Outside Review score, Outside Review age, preferred niches and combinations of those factors, as well as see scores from specific adult review sites and click through to those sites to read the full reviews.

Within each website review on The Best Porn, there is now a link to Outside Reviews for that specific site. This feature includes a quote from each Outside Review and a link to that site’s review.

Rick Muenyong, Founder and CEO of is thrilled with this latest accomplishment. “We want to offer our users the ability to browse reviews from other sites based on our "niche" indexing, and with the power to sort by combined scores. In addition, users can now see which review sites we index, and visit them directly if they choose to.” says Muenyong.

“This is a great opportunity for many review sites,” says Rick, “Not only will those who link to us continue to enjoy the traffic rewards and PR benefit of our adult site review pages, but the new Outside Reviews section will provide fresh new traffic for all adult review sites whether they link back to us or not!” is a comprehensive adult site buyer's guide which profiles and reviews commercial porn sites. Recognized for its scrupulous and thorough reviews from some of the most experienced, objective reviewers in the business, The Best Porn provides consumers with confidence and adult Webmasters with high-performance targeted traffic to their sites.

"Congrats, looks great and useful!"
~Mantas, Rabbit's Reviews

"Very nice job. Just by doing such nice work you've added a lot of credibility to the whole pornsite reviewing niche."
~Jaxon Jaganov, Jaxon Jaganov's Porn Reviews

For further information please contact Aly Drummond
ICQ - 51504163

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