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Naughty America


From top porn stars to newcomers in the industry, this well-known porn network offers you content from 30+ sites. The variety of niches is endless, with taboo step-sex, lesbians, MILFs, anal, blowjobs, interracial fucks and so much more.

Primary Niche: Porn Stars
Secondary Niches: Reality PornHardcore Sex

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Previous Reports (27)

Date Name Report Status
Son goku Can't login says a error has occurred pls try again New
Anonymous Can't connect to naughty america
"An error occured pls try again"
wudagun I cant login "An error occurred, please try again"


Staff Reply: Hi! This error should have been fixed but if you have any further issues, please contact me at Cheers!
Anonymous I cant login an error occures please try again

Staff Reply: Hi! I apologise for the inconvenience. Could you please send me an email at and I'll get in touch with the site. Cheers!
Darelas I can login An error occurred, please try again.

Staff Reply: Hi! This error should have been fixed however if you still have issues with it, please get in touch with me at Thanks!

Staff Reply: Hi! This error should've been fixed. However, if you're still receiving errors, please get in touch with me at Thanks!
EdwardNewGate Trying to Login, but it says, an error occured, please try again, but the username and password are right.

Staff Reply: Hi! I apologise for the inconvenience! Could you send me an email at with your account details (account/username/date joined) and we'll get in touch with Naughty America? Thanks!
See Reply
Stephen UK absolutely nothing to do with this site but I can confirm following the rumours of them reviewing pricing and content - took the plunge and rejoined - and im glad I did! everything nearly back to normal - got 60 2d channels with lots of content plus vr and ai stuff - good old days have returned - 24 Nov 2018

Staff Reply: Great, glad to hear that!
Unanimous As stated by previous users, NAUGHTY AMERICA is now the biggest pornsite rip off I've ever seen. You have to continuously pay more money for scenes that should be included in the membership. The site has good content but is shameless about how they steal money from their customers. Buyer beware.

Staff Reply: Hi Unanimous. We're aware of all the recent changes they made to the network and its sites and updated all our reviews a while ago to reflect this.
See Reply
Anonymous I see the monthly membership is still listed as $17.76. Just my 2 cents: I think that's deceptive; this is not a full membership. I've been told by NA there is NO subscription that covers everything, and there is even a limit to the number of channels you can subscribe to. What I'm getting at: there's no such thing as a full membership to this site anymore; I think it would be appropriate to label this price in red and call it limited, and simply not display a green price. Thanks.

Staff Reply: Hi,

Thanks for the comment. You will see that the NA review was updated to warn users of the changed pricing system.

The reason why the price is still green is because it is still a discount comparatively to the regular price.

Best regards.
See Reply
The discount price only gets you a limited number of downloads and it costs plenty to unlock the rest of the videos. JOIN at YOUR OWN RISK!!!.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the comments. We are aware of the pricing changes Naughty America is making and are working on a new review to outline all of the changes. In the meantime we have put a note on our review to let others know of the new pricing structure.
See Reply
Anonymous They have introduced a new pricing model. New members will only be given access to a starter pack of close to 100 movies (a mix of new and old content) and close to 20 VR videos (a mix of new and old content).

Most new updates are only available to active members who subscribe to the appropriate "channel".

There are 47 "movie channels" which were previously referred to as porn sites like My Friends Hot Mom, My Sister's Hot Friend, etc. The price of each movie channel ranges from 17.95-24.95 per month or a one-time fee of 50-71.

There are 15 different "VR channels" which are basically just really specific categories. For example, Porn Star Experience, Big Tits, Big Ass, and Milfs are each separate channels. The price of each VR channel ranges from 24.95-34.95 per month or a one-time fee of 71-91.

All channel subscriptions require an active membership.

Staff Reply: Hello. Thanks for the info. We've reached out to the site already to get their new pricing confirmed so we can get our review updated ASAP.
See Reply
Anonymous So on 4/3/2018 I rejoined Naughty America after my membership expired. I bought the annual membership thru EPOCH. When I went to log in it only gave me access to a limited number of scenes. EPOCH told me within the last week Naughty America restructured their membership access. For my annual fee I only get access to 100 scenes and must pay by the individual site to unlock them. WTF? Never heard of anything so ridiculous. Who created this business model?

Staff Reply: Hello. Thank you for notifying us. We also have just learned of this change in pricing. We are in the process of getting the new info confirmed and our reviews modified.
See Reply
Anonymous Worst server ever. I have fast internet and there server only gives 370kbs at most. Downloads stop before you get them. Sure pay money go ahead don't cry when they stop. Over 10 times failed on 1 video.supper shit

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear about your experience. Did you try reaching out to their customer support? You may want to leave a review on PornUsers.
See Reply
Anonymous Cannot sign up for a monthly membership, link does not work

Staff Reply: It took a little while for the page to load, but I did end up being taken to a billing page for the 30-day membership. Try contacting their customer support.
See Reply
K2kegStgh27a Naughty America states they accept gift cards for full membership on the membership sign up page. When you submit the gift card and receive membership it is a LIMITED MEMBERSHIP in that you can only stream videos. It is not until you are on the Naughty America site do you realize you are only able to stream and then they tell your membership is for streaming only. . It is difficult to understand why Naughty America is doing this.BEWARE

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comments. We'll definitely check this out since we've seen several sites/programs now offering gift cards as payment methods.

We do not see a place where they say gift card payment offers full membership access, but we do note that "*Streaming access only" is printed just below the Gift Card alternative, so you may have missed that.

Also, you may want to share your comments over at Porn Users so others will know.
See Reply
hodayathink They've actually upgraded the quality of their 4K videos since your review. The older ones are 11000Kbps, but the newer ones are actually double that. Now their 1080p videos are 12000Kbps.

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comments. We'll check it out. You may want to post this as as user review over at to let others know about your experience.
See Reply
cg The HD video quality you specified is not correct. At least 9 months ago they reduced their HD videos to 3K for 1280x720 and 5K for 1920x1080. I think the quality has suffered dramatically. They definitely do not look "sharp". Most, not all, look washed out and fuzzy.

Staff Reply: Thanks for notifying us. We'll check it out.
See Reply
lagit38 The price there says 9.95 for a month, 24.95 a month there after, NOT "re-occurs at 9.95", as you were led to believe.

I always wonder why sites do this, you get the stuff you want in the first 30 days anyways...perhaps they only want us there for a month...

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. Their site facts have been updated to reflect this recently.
kacahrgu Your price does not work, when you click on your link you are taken to the sign up page, which has the standard rates for sigining up $24.95 and the $95 for the year and the 2 trial offers of $3 or $7.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. We've updated their listing accordingly.
xcawbaar Trial does not allow access from mobile devices.

Staff Reply: We tested the trial for this group of sites again and have to maintain that they offer samples only for the trial period. Here is the statement just inside the member's area:
"Your Trial Membership entitles you to the following videos. You must upgrade to view our complete selection."
Not sure how you were able to see all or download all videos unless you upgraded to a full membership.
See Reply
Anonymous When you go to sign up for the site it says that the $9.95 is only a 30 day trial then goes to $24.95 after, so the $9.95 is not a recurring price?

Staff Reply: Correct. The $10 price tag does jump to $25 a month if you stick around unfortunately. Some of our reviews have mentioned this in the "con" section as it's not a normal practice you see often.
Anonymous I don't seem to be able to join this site. Tried different browsers, emptied the cash, no dice. Clicking on the "Join" button oddly doesn't allow that.

Staff Reply: We haven't had any other problems lately. Are you in the USA? Perhaps try joining from a laptop or some other computer if all else fails, or a different payment method.
Can't Verify
Anonymous Your price does not work, when you click on your link you are taken to the sign up page, which has the standard rates for sigining up $24.95 and the $95 for the year and the 2 trial offers of $3 or $7.

Staff Reply: The discount appears to be working here. Perhaps you are visiting the site from outside of the US, or there could have been a temporary glitch.
Anonymous I've joined the site a couple times, each time after a few months my account was canceled without my knowledge and there were not billing issues, for some reason the site canceled my account for no reason then wanted me to re-join. When I emailed for assistance they claimed it was a "glitch" in the system. Very annoying.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your troubles. You may want to post this over at to see if others have had the same issue.
See Reply
access problem! could you make sure that I'll get access to that web site. I'm still waiting. thank you for the help!

Staff Reply: If you're having signup problems, you'll have to contact their support directly as we have no control over your membership there.
See Reply
Anonymous Naughty Americas site constantly displays the media content not supported disclamer when trying to watch full lengths or clips

Staff Reply: Hmm, all the videos seem to be working for me, both downloads and streaming. You may want to try from another computer or media player to see if that helps.

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Corrected = Report verified, site facts have been adjusted or corrected.
Can't Verify = We don't currently have access to the site (or page) to verify this report.
Incorrect = After reviewing the site, we found the report to be incorrect.
See Reply = See the staff reply below the report.

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