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Scoring Criteria

Last Updated: August 15th, 2007

This page is to help you understand what we look at when determining the score for each category. There are always exceptions to each case, and every site is judged uniquely.  The final definition and score is ultimately decided by the review editor.


Each content sub-category relates to the images, videos, or other content offerred.

Quantity (15 points)

Our General Criteria:
This is based on the sheer number of "self-hosted" content, with small consideration given to leased content and other sites included with membership. If the content is the same over and over, that's ok; we don't judge the content quality or variety here, but simply try to keep in mind how much content the sites have and give it a number.

For Personal Ads/Communities:
This would change to the amount of user participation. Number of personal ads, posts in a message room, users chatting live, etc. We primarily look at the quantity of ads if it's soley a dating site. If it's another type of community site, then we'll judge the particiption of the community.

For Live Cam Sites:
This would change to the number of total performers available (at any given time) for live shows.

For AVS Services:
How many quality sites are included with the service. Other content within the AVS members area is also considered.

Quality (20 points)

Our General Criteria:
This is simply based on how sharp, clear, colorful the pics/video are, how large the pics are, how long the videos are, etc. Airbrushing is ok, so long as it's not too noticeable. We judge the overall character of the content, as well. Is the scene setup in a unique, colorful location? Are there pics that shouldn't have been included in a set (too repetitive)? Is the sound clear in the videos? The larger the pics are the better. Also, the higher the download rate for videos the better.

For Personal Ads/Communities:
We judge the quality and upkeep of the community. For personal ads, this might mean: what's the guy/girl ratio? how well do they verify/screen the ads/users?  how detailed are the ads themself? etc...

For AVS Services:
Primarily, this judges the quality of the content provided by the sites or the AVS member area. The content within each site is the main component we look at, and the general criteria we use for pay-sites (see above) is pretty much the same.

Entertain (15 points)

Our General Criteria:
How entertaining is it? Does it grab and keep your attention? Do the videos seek good dialogue? Are the girls hot? Does the site have a sense of humor (if applies)? This is done while keeping in mind the audience for which the site is intended. We strive to partially put ourselves in the mind of the target demographic and predict how interesting this site would be for them. For this criteria, we feel that some personal preference is good (since it should be a personal review), but without going too far with our own preferences, or it wouldn't be a fair review.

For General VOD Sites:
Since these type of sites normally have a huge selection, entertain doesn't really appy. As a variation, we've chosen to use this category as an extension to the "Quantity" score. So the greater number of studios and video selections the site has to offer, the better the score will be here.  The difference is, this score will depend more on how the site compares to other VOD sites, rather than other adult sites in general. Extra large VOD sites will also get added consideration in the "Editors Curve".

Updates (10 points)

Our General Criteria::
How often does the site update? Do they date stamp all of the previous content? Here we look at what content is being updated and how interesting it is to the member. Does the content appear to improve with new updates? Do they tell you what's coming soon? Is the new content just old content they're rotating in? For this we also check journal entries and any other dated material.

For AVS Services:
This is a tough category to judge for AVS services. We have to take many things into consideration. The main criteria includes: How often does the site directory update? How often are new sites added? Is the content within the sites updated? If they offer content themself, how often is new content added?

Exclusive (5 points)

Our General Criteria:
This number is based on how much content is 100% exclusive. We're not only judging the primary content and how exclusive it appears to be, because for most sites, that'll be easy to determine. Sites where content is self-photographed are easy, but we also see if they sell content to providers (that lowers their score slightly), because if the content is everywhere, it's not as exclusive. Some sites may buy content that they claim is exclusive (they purchased it only for their site). In that case, we have to take their word for it, unless there is evidence that suggests otherwise. Some points may be awarded to sites that host content that may be found elsewhere, but might be presented better or contain so much of it, etc.

For Personal Ads/Communities:
Exclusive will be judged on the value-added site tools available separate from the standard features you'd see. The more unique features and tools we find (for that sepcific type of site), the higher this score will be.

Download (5 points)

Our General Criteria:
Can you download pics in multiple sizes or zip format? Can you stream or download videos in multiple formats? Many things are taken into consideration here. We want to know how friendly the content is to the member. Do they offer multiple image sizes? Do they offer zip files to download bulk images? Do they offer video that streams, rather than having to download it completely first? Is the video only streaming, or can you also download it? All of these things are taken into consideration here.

For Personal Ads/Communities:
The download criteria for this site type focuses on how easy and dynamic it is to make a connection. For personal ads as an example: do you know when someone is online?  do you know the last time they were online? how many options do they have to contact someone (e-mail, pm, instant message)? can you track the users activity in other areas?

Each navigation sub-category relates to the site design, features, and overall user friendliness.

Easy (10 points)

Our General Criteria:
Is the site easy to browse? Are there any confusing areas? Are galleries setup and organized well? We are basically scoring sites on how easy it is to get around by judging the overall simplicity of the navigation. Some sites might offer too many links and paths, which might make browsing more confusing than it should. Basically, the less clutter the better. For this, we also look for consoles, ads and any other annoying features.

For AVS Services:
The general criteria applies, but in addition we judge how user-friendly it is to access each site. Some services will ask for password's for each site, which is a pain. Others might have ads thrown in your face during the navigation process. In addition, we applaud services who have navigation requirements for participating sites (such as no consoles, ads, etc). Either way, we look for clean, simple, and painless navigation from start to finish.

Features (5 points)

Our General Criteria:
Here we seek "extra" features when browsing: search functions, multiple ways to browse, etc. These features should add depth to the navigation, not confusion. This can be similar to "downloadable", but focuses more on finding the content rather than downloading the content. Is some cases, no extra features would help, so we tend to cut some slack if the overall navigation is ideal. If there's a lot of content however, there should be features to help you locate it or different ways to browse it.

For AVS Services:
The general criteria also applies to AVS services. Each AVS service is different, since some AVS services specialize in their own content, while others simply send you off to independently owned sites. Content hosted by the AVS are judged like a regular pay-site. Content hosted on participated sites are judged with less critique, and more freedom is given since most sites are understood to be less sophisticated.

Design (5 points)

Our General Criteria:
This criteria judges the overall look based on professional and attractive graphics. Does the design fit the theme? Does it feel like a 5 star hotel or a 2 star motel? Most of the design is based on the site type. Playboy should be as classy looking as their magazine, for instance, but amateur sites may not look as professional, although amateur sites should still have some original design to it.

For AVS Services:
We judge the AVS site itself for design, not necessarily the participating sites. An editor may penalize a service if all/most of the participating sites look too plain or boring. But more judgement is based on how the AVS service presents itself inside and out.

other scores
Other scores that don't fall into one of the main categories.

Originality (5 points) 

Our General Criteria:
This score simply looks at the overall site and judges how unique/original it is. Content is judged here as well, but it's different than the Exclusivity score. While exclusive content does play a minor role, we also look at how unique the models and situations are in the scenes. Aside from content, we also judge innovation with regards to user interface. Everything from cutting edge designs, convenient download/streaming features, to creative navigation features.

Hard Facts (5 points) 

Our General Criteria:
One thing that separates a good site from an average site are the extra information provided about the content or site itself. Sites that are very detailed oriented will appreciate this new sub-score. To score well in this category, you'll want to provide users with every important fact about your content. Everything from model info (names, bio), content origination and/or production location, production and published dates (while browsing too), file information (type, bit-rate, dimensions, time) and update logs or even upcoming content. A lot depends on the type of content, but those examples give you an idea of what we're looking for.

For Personal Ads:
Adult dating sites (aka personal ads) should already have fairly detailed facts/bio with each user profile. But do they go beyond that?  While browsing, do you get the essentials facts about someone (without viewing the entire profile)? Do the profiles give you facts like when the user joined, when they last logged in, etc?  Does the site go beyond the normal personal ad with additional features like blogs, images/video uploads, etc?

For Live Cams:
Private cam sites do take some of the general criteria into consideration, but we focus more on the live cam experience itself. Model profiles and preview galleries should be standard, but it's something we judge here. We look for convenient information while browsing models such as name/age and status information like if they're in a private chat (and with how many users). Other good information would be languages they speak, quality of the cam feed, regional info, and more. During the show, they should know exactly how much time has elapsed along with their $ balance (if necessary). Extra features like user reviews, blog/diary entries for the models are a plus.

Temp Fill (10 points) 

This is a temporary placeholder score for older reviews that have yet to establish a new Originality or Hard Facts sub-score (above). This score is based on the overall average of all other sub-scores (X out of 90 points). So if a site has a combined total of 90 points (perfect score) for the other sub-scores (quantity, quality, entertain, navigation, etc) the site would get a 10 for Temp Fill. If a site has say a 75 combined total, it would work out to a 8.3 for Temp Fill.

This score will eventually be phased out while we work on switching the remaining legacy reviews over.

Editors Curve (+/- 5 points)
This is available to each editor for the purpose of making a small adjustment to the overall score. Just because we have scores broken down into categories doesn't mean those scores are going to add up perfectly. This feature gives us the ability to add or subtract a few points at each editor's discretion. If a site is penalized in a few areas that didn't significantly impact the overall enjoyment the editor might choose to add some points (or vice versa).

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