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Pay Site

This is a simple, well-designed site with an exceptional collection of high-quality DVDs. You can watch thousands of scenes featuring your favorite pornstars, as well as amateurs, in a variety of niches.

Primary Niche: DVD Porn
Secondary Niches: Porn StarsPorn Videos

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Previous Reports (46)

Date Name Report Status
Anonymous Link to site is not working. It just loops back to here.

Staff Reply: You might want to clear your cookies. We're no having any issues accessing the site on our end.
Can't Verify
Anonymous hung up and timed out

Staff Reply: Did you contact their CS?
Can't Verify
Anonymous clicking on link to videobox opens - then immediately closes the page, so i cannot get there to take advantage of the discount.

Staff Reply: Sorry you're having problems but it must be on your end. The link and join page are working fine for us.
Can't Verify
Anonymous Price seems to have gone up to $15!

Staff Reply: Hello. Are you outside the US? If so, the site employs geo-targeted pricing, so it's possible you won't see the discount. Sorry about that!
See Reply
bay092 I want to warn members of a recent scam in MetArt: one simple click on a webcam show model's picture immediately generates a popup informing you that you just "purchased" credits to that show. Sure enough, you right away get an email confirmation for the purchase. No warning or alert of any kind...

Staff Reply: We don't seem to be having a problem getting to the site from our discount link. Perhaps a temporary glitch? Please give it another try.

Can't Verify
Anonymous Website appears to be down

Staff Reply: The site appears to be coming up now...perhaps a temporary glitch? Please give it another try.

Can't Verify
Anonymous There is an issue clicking through the link via Chrome. If you enter the URL directly, no problem.

Staff Reply: We are unable to reproduce the problem. Maybe a temporary glitch? Please give it another try.
Can't Verify
Anonymous When clicking on the link:
get "301 Moved Permanently"

Staff Reply: We are unable to reproduce this issue in MSIE, Firefox or Chrome. When we click on the out-bound link from the live listing page, we go directly to VideoBox. Try clearing your browser's cookies, or completely rebooting after clearing cookies and see if that corrects the problem. They did have an old version of the site up, but we no longer see that.
Can't Verify
Anonymous 301 Moved Permanently, get this error when clicking on the links

Staff Reply: We had no problem logging in and viewing the movies or getting to the other various links. Maybe a temporary glitch? Please give it another try.

Can't Verify
No discount for thebestporn Videbox is currently offering a discount to $17, and does not appear to be honoring the $12 price for thebestporn. Clicking the link here on thebestporn does NOT trigger the discount.

Staff Reply: We do see the $12 discount offered on the VideoBox join page when going from our link here at The Best Porn. Regional pricing does apply from different locations around the globe. Please give it another try?

See Reply
bondkhondji I generally enjoy this site. But several times I've had the add-on sites like Evil Angel and Reality Kings be automatically added without my ordering them. This has happened several times over the years. Whenever I catch it, they usually blame it on me and weak passwords. That would be an unusually large amount of hacking for that to be the case. I believe they are trying to slip charges by me without me noticing.

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comments. You may want to post this as as user review over at to let others know about your experience.
See Reply
Anonymous wow, talk about spams who blocking your download, so far about 20 hours of spam for the extra channels, resulting in
blocking all download, i guess this is the worst sight ive ever seen and by the way about 540 spammails to my e-mail
so why they call it the best in ranking is totaly wrong

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comments. You may want to post this as as user review over at to let others know about your experience.
See Reply
Anonymous there is an alarming frequency of the scenes not available due to internet connection failure

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. You may want to post this as as user review over at to let others know about your experience.
See Reply
cs badger In clicking from TBP to Video Box, I do not get a payment option of $12 per month anywhere that I can find on the sign-up page.

Staff Reply: We do have a note that regional pricing does apply. We see the discount on the join page from our TBP link, so it's possible that you're located outside the U.S. where the discount pricing cannot be seen.
See Reply
Luiz The link for VideoBox is not working.

Staff Reply: Our link seems to be working...temporary glitch? Please give it another try.

See Reply
Anonymous Upon renewing my subscription, I've noticed an almost constant stream of popup spam. I've run virus software, and can't find anything so I can only assume it's coming from this site.

Staff Reply: We don't see any popup spam here and have joined/had memberships here for years. Unfortunately it's hard to track down where that type of stuff comes from, but VideoBox generally keeps things on the up and up. Sorry to hear of your troubles though!
Anonymous The discount of 12 Dollars isn't working anymore as when you try to subscribe it now only gives the option of 15 Dollars for 1 month.

Staff Reply: When we went to the site from our Best Porn link code, we were able to see the $12.00 discount pricing option all the way through to the processor where the credit card info is inputted. Could you try clearing cookies and give it another shot?

wb Everything on this site is at least 10 years old. They may advertise HD and the videos may be broadcast in HD but the orginal videos were shot in LOW DEFINATION (probably 8 mm)

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. That's why it is cheapest site on the web

Staff Reply: You may want to consider posting this over at to let others know what you think.
See Reply
Anonymous this shit is so old i came across a video update that featured my grandmother in it.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. You may want to post this as a user review over at to let others know your thoughts on the site.
See Reply
hdrypkrk The price isnt as promised $ 14,95 but euro 17,95. Thats cheating. (Premium site)

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your disappointment. You may want to post your own review over at to let others know what you think.
See Reply
Anonymous the discount I received didn't reflect o my bill

Staff Reply: You'll have to contact the billing company directly for any assistance with incorrect charges, or try contacting the site's support.
Can't Verify
Anonymous Pricing is now $15/month, $60/6 months, $96/12 months. The yearly subscription now indicates that it is recurring.

The "premium content" (AKA "vbChannels") has also changed:
Evil Angel - $15/month
Vivid - $15/month
Reality Kings - $15/month
Kink - $35/month

There was also a bundle of all channels for $50/month that was offered to me when I renewed my subscription, it doesn't appear to be available anywhere now that my account is active. Must be a signup/renew-only offer or something.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. I've updated the page to reflect these changes.
golfer I can't even get to the home page from this review site. All these "error reports" show how many problems this site
"video box" really has. I was going to join again, it's been some months since my last subscription. I had trouble then, and it seems it only got worse.

Staff Reply: It seems to be working okay from here right now, but it does seem to go up and down a lot with all their changes/upgrades. Keep trying, or contact their support, or just post your frustrations over at for others to see.
See Reply
Anonymous Trying to load the site, it won't work in any browser for me or a few other people I had try.

Staff Reply: It seems to be working here. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch.
Anonymous They cutted some seconds from many scenes,usually non sex moments,video quality is nice but i wish i can download whole content on DVD.

Staff Reply: You may want to write your own review over at to let others know what you think!
See Reply
Anonymous When i try to register, after i chose the time period of membership, it says it is connecting me to a secure site, however a security warning from my browser appears, stating that the website im redirected to is not safe. im not sure whats going on here. dont want to be scammed or something like that.

Staff Reply: I don't get any security errors here, and I haven't heard any other reports of this. Your settings may be more strict than some, and it could be a random glitch causing that error. VideoBox is one of our best site in terms of customer service.
Can't Verify
Anonymous Why can I not log onto VideoBox but can log onto Payones, I thought they were the same

Staff Reply: I'm not exactly sure what their setup is, so you'd have to contact them directly with questions. In general, I'd just make sure you can login to the site you actually joined.
See Reply
Anonymous video box has been freezeing lately and not letting you log on or go to the site

Staff Reply: It's been working okay for us. You'll have to contact their support for any issues with their site.
Can't Verify
Anonymous please change price to 17.95. i am in u.s and this is what they are charging everyone. starting to wonder if you are in cahoots with them on this.

Staff Reply: Their current pricing is $15 per month for everyone in the US. Perhaps try clearing your cookies (or a different browser) to see the latest pricing.
epprotx I can't get the $15 price. I have tried different browsers. The price is $17.95.

Staff Reply: It's working okay from here. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch. Or, if you're not in the US, they may have a different setup for you than we see.
Can't Verify
Disappointed What is with the download speeds? Joined yesterday and nothing but 0B/s or 1030B/s ever since.

Staff Reply: You may want to contact their support who may be able to help you. They are generally on top of their network speeds and any issues.
See Reply
watscha This website should not exceed 60 points of its score.
The new interface is a reflection of incredibly stupid web designers and programmers who have not understood what value and purpose a clear navigation and search function should be. Best way to tread them is kick there butts.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear you don't like the new setup. You may want to post a review over at to let others know what you think.
See Reply
Anonymous The price isnt as promised $ 14,95 but euro 17,95. Thats cheating. (Premium site)

Staff Reply: They do charge users different rates if they're outside of the USA. We've updated our info to let others know about this.
See Reply
Anonymous Cannot join the site! You get taken to a blank page after filling in your details and........that's that! Have tried different browsers, different computers - same result every time

Staff Reply: We'll keep an eye out, but everything seems to be working okay when we try. Perhaps you could contact their support department to see if they can help.
Can't Verify
Chris I agree, when you sign-up first page and click to continue it just goes blank!. I tried numerous different browser such as google chrome, firefox, safari & opera still the same.

Staff Reply: Perhaps this was a glitch, as it appears to work okay for me just now.
Anonymous Another user reporting dead discount sign up route. Screen goes blank once you enter your details on the first sign up page. Tried going in via different browsers - same result each time.

Staff Reply: Unfortunately it seems to be working from here. Perhaps try a different computer to see if that works?
Can't Verify
Anonymous it doesn't work for me with firefox, but does with google chrome

Staff Reply: It seems to work just fine for me in Firefox. Perhaps there was some kind of temporary glitch.
Anonymous VIRUS !!!!!!

Staff Reply: I don't get any virus warnings on their site, but we'll keep an eye out for any other reports.
Can't Verify
nestles 14,95 discount no longer applies, even using the bestporn link. Also,I had to join via CCbill I was re-directed and 'joined' which appears to be the same but will not let you log in- it seems Videobox refers you to ccbill as an alternative if you don't get the premium membership.

Staff Reply: The discounted price still works for me. However, we do have a note that some people are getting different pricing options depending on where you access the site from. Thanks for the note.
See Reply
Anonymous The discount is gone.

Staff Reply: It seems to be in place here still. Try clearing your cookies, or using a different browser or computer to see if you can get it to come up.
Anonymous Minimum monthly cost (from the UK) is 9.95, which is almost double the amount in dollars

Staff Reply: Thanks for pointing that out. We put a note on their listing to make sure people are aware of the pricing differences.
Anonymous The discount is disabled.

Staff Reply: It seems to be working okay from here. You can try clearing your cookies, or using another browser/computer to see if it shows up.
Anonymous As per earlier report, i cannot access the credit card payment page either after trying to register it takes you to the DD page irrespective of whether you check dd, cc or online check. Now fixed 24/11

Staff Reply: Seems to be working okay here too!
See Reply
Si The discount announced on 16/11/09 doesn't allow payment by CC only direct debit. When you select the CC option on the join screen the next page has only a DD option.

Staff Reply: I was able to get through to the credit card join page. Perhaps there was a problem, and they gave you the direct debit option as a backup?
Can't Verify
Anonymous On the join page, they can't seem to do math. Premium access is advertised at $6.66/mo with 6 mo's free. That should be $79.92 for 18 months. Why then does it say $119.96? There's no free 6 months! Even if you look to the right for basic access, if you pay 12 months up front @ $6.66/mo that should come out to $79.92 total, not $79.96. That's a small error but how do they come up with another .04? Math is math. I emailed them and they do not respond at all.

Staff Reply: I agree, it's a little weird, especially that extra 4 cents. However, the $119.96 gets you 12 months access at $9.99, then six months free on top of that. The $6.66 price comes in if you take the full amount and space it over 18 months I guess. Weird!
See Reply
jack I'm not getting a discount when I go directly there from your site review to videobox.

Staff Reply: I see the discount here currently. Try clearing your cookies, or using another browser to see if it shows up.

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Corrected = Report verified, site facts have been adjusted or corrected.
Can't Verify = We don't currently have access to the site (or page) to verify this report.
Incorrect = After reviewing the site, we found the report to be incorrect.
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