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Gemini Men

Pay Site

This site features handsome straight guys who don't seem to mind a little not-so-straight activity.

Primary Niche: Gay Porn

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Previous Reports (2)

Date Name Report Status
Anonymous Gemini men now has a download limit.

I emailed the webmaster and he sent me this

"The download limit is very generous and allows far more than 1 video..try emptying your internet cache and/or cookies. And I think you will find that almost all sites have a download limit to control piracy. Thanks for your patronage!"
Mark Gemini

This isn't true. It stopped me from downloading after a 256 mega byte file. I couldn't do anymore

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. We've added a note to let others know about the new download limit.
Anonymous There is a download limit on this site, although it is not disclosed. After downloading about seven videos, a message comes up informing site users they are "overlimit" and must wait awhile before downloading additional videos.

Update: The block on additional downloads lasts well beyond 24 hours, although there is no disclosure on the website as to:

a) how many videos can be downloaded;
b) what traffic limits are in place;
c) how long the site will restrict customers deemed "overlimit."

Subsequently, I canceled my membership and pursued a refund, which will escalate to a chargeback if refund is not forthcoming on the grounds the website is engaged in unethical billing and terms disclosure. I'd avoid it until they fully disclose what customers face when signing up.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the warning. We've updated our info on their download limits. You could also post this over at to let others know.

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