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Bangbros Network


Collecting thousands of hours of hardcore porn, this network is your one stop for some of the hottest babes in the industry. Watch all the hardcore straight, lesbian, threesome, foursome action you can handle.

Primary Niche: Reality Porn
Secondary Niches: Hardcore SexPorn Videos

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Previous Reports (33)

Date Name Report Status
Anonymous I'm far from convinced that the reduced membership negotiated by TBP gets access to the full Bangbros network. Can you confirm or otherwise please?

Staff Reply: You get access to most of their websites (around 40), but there are many that are "locked" and cost extra to access.
See Reply
Anonymous Good to see that I wasn't the only person with fraudulent issues with Bangbros. After being a member with Bangbros, I was looking at another website offered by Bangbros (Don't Fuck My Daughter). When I clicked to go to the second page a window popped up saying I had joined the site. Apparently I had information in my cache that Bangbros used to sign me up (CROOKS). So make sure you delete your cache and browsing history if you were a past member. If you're thinking of joining...DON'T!

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear you got charged for things you didn't want. Why not share your experience on PornUsers and see if others have encountered the same issues.
See Reply
Anonymous Nov 5 2016 Joined Bangbros. Big problems with cross sell. Most confusing site I have ever seen. All they want you to do is sign up for live chat and other sites. Very frustrating experience. Charged me for additional sites, difficult to even locate the main site to view videos. Had to call them and my banks to straighten out the billing

Staff Reply: Other users have also reported issues with aggressive cross sales. You can always share your thoughts on PornUsers and let others know what's going on. Thanks!
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justin when you enter site thru link does not give you discount price its 29.95 a month

Staff Reply: Hi justin. Are you outside the US? If so the site may employ geo-targeted pricing, which means you won't see the discount. Sorry about that!
See Reply


Staff Reply: Sorry you're having so much trouble! You might want to share your experience on PornUsers to lets others know what's going on. Perhaps someone had a similar experience.
See Reply
Anonymous Usernames and passwords are online that belong to other members and are active just so you are aware

Staff Reply: We haven't come across that. Where are you seeing this?
Can't Verify
robbie Just subscribed to Backroom Facials, after setting password,find no access on list of sites that are available to me,.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of the trouble. You may want to write them at or and see if they can help clear the matter for you.

You may want to share your comments over at Porn Users so others will know also.
Can't Verify
ningbang Why does this review site still make business with Bangbros? You could at least point out their fraudulent practice.

Please read carefully the user comments. This site (bangbros) has become SNEAKY and FRAUDULENT.

"Sneaky sign-ups/cancelling process is questionable"

"BangBros = Fraud! Stay Away!"

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comments. You may want to share your comments with others over at Porn User so they will know also.
See Reply
New Paul THEY SOLD MY CREDIT CARD INFO. Almost immediately after signing up with HazeHer my cc started being used fraudulently. They also offer only 55 videos and you have to pay $19.95 to get access to additional sites. It's a total ripoff. I wrote them thinking they would give me access to the other sites since I had to have a new card issued but all they did was send me info on cancelling. These guys are bad news, and a HUGE warning to avoid these clowns should be posted. They do not use CCBill.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your trouble! We haven't had any other reports of credit card misuse by them but we'll definitely keep an eye out for any others. You may want to share your comment over at Porn Users so others will know.
See Reply
Johan Kustermans Not only have they pre-checked cross-sells when you are entering credit card information, but also after credit card
processing when you are offered a login button.

Staff Reply: Thanks for your comments. You may want to share your information over at Porn Users so others will know.
See Reply
ken discount no longer on.For 1 month $29.95 only.

Staff Reply: We do see the $14.95 discount when you go from our TBP link. Maybe a temporary glitch? Please give it another try. Also, be aware that if you are outside the USA, geo-pricing/non-discounts may be offered.
Can't Verify
Al I joined by accident through My Dirty Latina Bang Bros site, but I accepted the charge anyway. Once I access the home page it mentions all the sites you have access to, which included Public Invasion, but for some strange reason when I accessed Public Invasion I received an email that said Your member account has been activated and they charged me $29.95 for accessing Public Invasion. So be careful this site looks like it charges you when ever they please.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your troubles. We do have some caution notes on the listing. You may want to share your comment over at Porn Users so others will know.

See Reply
paul When I was looking at the site suddenly appeared congratulations you became a member. i didn"t fill in a form! I think they have my credentials from another site.

Staff Reply: You'd have to contact their support directly, or any charges listed on your credit card bill, to verify if any new sites were joined.
Can't Verify
James Just signed up to Bangbros Network for $14.95 thru TBP. TBP says that "Hazeher" is included. It is NOT included. You have to pay another $19.95 if you want Hazeher too. I just threw away 14.95 because I already have a subscription to the regular site.

Staff Reply: Sorry for your troubles with the included sites listed. We do our best to keep things up to date, but some sites (and this company specifically as you can see in the warning listed on the page) change them so often that it's almost impossible to keep up. Your best bet is always to check with the site itself to get the latest info.
dave the membership page shows a promotion at 14.95 and culioneros isn't included in the section 'our websites'

Staff Reply: It appears that different member logins may offer different selections of includes. Our TBP pass does include the Culioneros group of sites, but we cannot verify that regular user members will include them as well. Also, Bangbros does change their includes frequently so what we show may not always be what is offered.
See Reply
SomGuy Discount is no longer active.

Staff Reply: Thanks for notifying us. We'll check it out.
See Reply
Anonymous Bangbros Terms and Conditions available at yet state a download limit of 500MB per day in section IX.F.

Staff Reply: Bangbros has communicated with our VP/Marketing Mgr. that there are no download limits.

See Reply
cg There are two things that people should note. First, I have never found 1080p video on the site and I have been a member for years. All videos are 720p 3k at biggest. You should update your detail. Also, as one user noted, if you re-login after your subscription expires and then try to look at a preview clip they will automatically charge you. You need to call and have a block put on your membership to stop this.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info on the video formats. We've updated those to the correct specs. As for the other, you may want to post this over at so others can hear about your report.
Anonymous Discount no longer active.

Staff Reply: Thanks for notifying us.
See Reply
Anonymous I saw there is a download limit of 500MB per day

Staff Reply: We cannot find that information. Please email us at and let us know exactly where you found the information.
See Reply

2 days ago I was think of joining and was looking at the site when up popped a notice thanking me for joining for $14.99. Immediately called and cancelled but no explanation . Today I went to site and again got message thanking me for joining. Called and was told that if you have joined in the past, even a year ago and you visit site you will be automatically joined. Sounds outrageous. Previous members cannot just look at site !!!!!

Staff Reply: We've never heard of anything like this before, and it shouldn't be allowed. We'll get in touch with the company and post any info we find.
Can't Verify
Bob George I signed up for your special @ $14.95 and joined BangBros. I will mention I joined them some yrs back and was happy. Yesterday, 1/8/13, got a call from my bank about some charges and found out there was not 1 but 3 charges on my card. Beware of sneaky clicks to charge your card!! Also, good luck trying to cxl your account. Had to call my bank and cxl my card.
I use this site (TheBestPorn) to check out everysite before I join.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your troubles. Hopefully you and your bank were able to get everything figured out. If you've joined other porn sites since, it may be tough to call with the erroneous charges came from.
Can't Verify
Anonymous Site does not have 1080p videos as both Bangbros and the review state.

Staff Reply: Some of their sites do offer 1080p videos from what we found, but the specs and options do vary from site to site within their network.
dakine no full trial--waste

Staff Reply: We'll join another trial and get the most up to date info in there that we can.
Anonymous does not offer full trail. i got same results as your 7-14 12 3: 47 anonymous customer did.

Staff Reply: I'll have someone join again later today and see if we get different results. Thanks for the info.
Garrick does not offer discount as stated 14.95 it says 24.95?

Staff Reply: It currently works for me. Try clearing your cache, trying another computer/browser, etc. Also, our discounts only work for sure in the USA, while other countries may have different pricing structures.
Anonymous To the staff of "The Best Porn".
Trial membership to Bangbros gives only access to 1 movie view, with the suggestion to "upgrade to full membeship for full access".
In TBP is Bangbros marked with "$1.00 Full Access (2 days, recurs $39.00/mo.)".
Far below and easily missable in your review page it asys "access to only a few movies.
What is that? An attempt to confuse your site users to the role of fools?
Shouldn't you just remove that "full trial" right ahead?

Staff Reply: If you'll notice, the review was written back in December, 2011 currently, when they had a limited trial. We recently re-verified the trial on July 16th, 2012, and still got full access on our end using our own credit cards. Please email us directly with any info if you had a different experience so we can figure out why it's different.
dnnyrand Signed up following the discount link, expecting to pay $14.95 as listed. Instead, my card was charged $23.95, and billing company told me I had actually been charged a trial fee, then a recurring monthly charge immidiately.

Please look into the advertised "discount rate"

Staff Reply: Hi,
I have contacted the management team at bang bros. They would like to look into your sign up to see what might have happened here and to correct the issue. Can you please get me as much info as you are comfortable in providing. Helpful would be email used when joining. your username/pass and name used.
Thanks. I hope we can get this figured out for you.
Vegas Ken
See Reply
Anonymous Cancellation form does not seem to work.

Staff Reply: Sorry to hear of your troubles. You can also try contacting the company that billed you for assistance with that.
See Reply
k9viking They will rip you off. when you are on the home page they offer the DVD Pack that they say gives you access to 100's of DVD's. There are only 24 and it is view only no download's.

Staff Reply: You may want to write your own review over at to let others know what you think!
See Reply
Cristopher How do you spell that? <a href=" ">buy rogaine online australia</a> We as normal citizens of The United States of America, were duped along with the rest of the world. We had no knowledge of what the government does(for our benefit), we have no control over the powerful leadership we entrust to make it a better place to live. The ones responsible will never see the backlash of justice. Fingers will point and that will be as far as it goes.

Staff Reply: Thanks for the info. We'll look into this and get it corrected ASAP.
Anonymous down for threee days

Staff Reply: Seems okay for me here. Hopefully it's a temporary glitch.
Can't Verify
Anonymous There is some confusion about DL limits. On this site, there is no mention of DL limits or obvious link to their terms/conditions. On Ass Parade site, there is a link to terms/conditions at bottom of main page and it says 500 MB limit per your review. Is it possible to verify whether or not there is a limit on this network, and update all of the associated reviews? Great site if no limit, but 500 Meg is very low. Thank you.

Staff Reply: We'll get in touch with them and get the download limit straightened out ASAP. Thanks!
See Reply

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